Product Sequencing in Magento & Shopify - Arrange your online store aisles exactly the way you desire

June 19, 2019


In physical stores, the retailer always arranges the products in two ways. One that is visually pleasing or in an order that he finds best to increase sales. The arrangement of products in an aisle at an online store is called product sequencing.

This is usually based on quantitative and qualitative store data.

Product Sequencing in offline stores

(Products sequenced for display in a physical store)

Why sequence products in online retail?

Over 25% of visitors across most online stores drop off after every page. In order to reduce customer acquisition costs, retailers have to ensure that online visitors click through a product page within the first three page scrolls. Product sequencing gives merchants unlimited flexibility in showing the diversity of the product category across its attributes.

For Example, consider an online fashion store that has a product listing page for New Arrivals under $99. These new arrivals include different types of products such as dresses, shorts, tops, trousers, etc. Merchants expect to display all these types within the top three pages. This will help the visitors to easily discover the trending products within their choice.

Product Sequencing in online stores

(The category page aisle is sequenced using Tagalys by a unique product type one after other, namely dresses, shorts, tops & trousers)

Leading retailers also prefer Sequencing the products by different attributes such as colors, sizes, sleeve style, fabric, etc. to increase visitor engagement and conversion.

Challenges in Manual Sequencing

In online stores, retailers either do not have complete control over product sequencing or they spend more time to manually pick and position every product. This becomes nearly impossible for retailers who have a large catalog. Also, this becomes much more difficult in the case of small and medium-sized retailers who end up consuming all their productive time in sequencing.

Manual sequencing is also disadvantageous in the fact that it is static. Hence this requires constant monitoring and a dedicated resource to follow up on the changes which eventually increases the operation cost.

Sequencing by Tagalys

Tagalys has the ability to automatically arrange one or many products in sequences, based on tags or attributes. It involves less manual effort and the desired sequencing can be achieved within a few seconds. Retailers can apply multiple sequences to a Category / Collection based on price, color, inventory, tags, revenue, new arrivals, bestsellers, etc. The sequence order can be changed simply by drag and drop. If sorted by Tagalys’s Trending score, local boosts can be applied to those sequences.

The flexibility provided in the Tagalys dashboard in Sequencing includes setting the number of products to be displayed per sequence, having a unique sort order for each sequence. The pages sequenced by Tagalys are dynamic in nature. This means the products added in the future would also be sequenced automatically if it matches the sequencing condition. The sequence in Tagalys can also be converted into a Global Sort Option (GSO) for retailers to use it on other categories | collections.

Tagalys maximizes conversion rate & gives merchants visual control of products displayed in Site Search & Category pages at their online store. To know more about our solutions and features, get in touch with us now.

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