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Strategize merchandising with effective scheduling

July 4, 2023


Imagine a bustling online retail environment, with the upcoming seasonal sales, or a midnight sale just around the corner. It's a time window where retailers face intense pressure to capitalize on the increased consumer demand and generate substantial sales. During such crucial times, merchandisers often struggle to organize and manage a collection effectively, impacting productivity and causing undue stress. 

However, in this era of automation and innovation, these challenges can be a thing of the past. Let's explore how retailers can effectively strategize their campaigns and save time that can be utilized for other critical activities.

In this fast-paced digital landscape, merchandisers constantly seek ways to try and experiment with new strategies and stay ahead of the competition. However, the challenge arises when merchandisers want to implement these new strategies while maintaining ongoing tasks.              

To tackle the above challenges, Tagalys introduces Version scheduling, a game-changing feature for retailers. With this scheduling, retailers are empowered to merchandise collections in advance and schedule them for any desired date and time. This automation eliminates the need for manual intervention and enables retailers to effortlessly plan and organize their campaigns.

Why should retailers use Version scheduling?


In the ecommerce industry, retailers often face the challenge of managing multiple collections and ensuring timely deployment. Without a structured approach, organizing these collections can become chaotic and time-consuming. 

For instance, considering a period of Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday sales, one of the common challenges that is encountered is effectively managing and promoting the multitude of discounts, deals, and product offerings associated with this highly anticipated event. With scheduling, there is no stress of doing it last minute as it can be created way before the event and can be scheduled to go live at the desired date and time. Therefore organizing becomes easier and more systematic with scheduling.

Create campaign calendars

By utilizing this feature, retailers gain the ability to plan their campaigns well in advance. They can strategically draft the merchandised collections and schedule, ensuring timely launches aligned with seasonal trends or marketing initiatives. This advanced planning helps retailers stay ahead of the competition and maximize sales opportunities with appropriate analytical data to identify effectiveness in the future. 

For instance, a retailer planning a seasonal clearance sale can greatly benefit from scheduling in terms of planning in advance. Let's imagine an online clothing store that has a series of campaigns as part of its marketing strategy. By utilizing version scheduling, the retailer can strategically execute a complete campaign calendar aligning with their strategy.

Optimize strategies 

The feature empowers retailers to create different versions of a collection with different strategies in a controlled and systematic manner. By scheduling specific collections, retailers can assess the impact of different approaches on customer engagement, conversion rates, and overall sales performance. This allows them to optimize their strategies for future collections/ campaigns based on previous campaign insights, optimizing their merchandising efforts.

Avoid manual errors

Manual errors can be a significant source of frustration and inefficiency in the merchandising process. mitigates the risk of such by automating scheduling and deployment of collections is the main purpose of version schedule. Retailers can rely on the system to accurately execute their predetermined plans, eliminating the need for manual interventions and reducing the likelihood of mistakes.
Consider a retailer planning a highly anticipated midnight sale where the event relies on the timely and precise deployment of the campaign to capture the attention of eager shoppers. However, without scheduling, there is a risk of manual errors leading to missed opportunities or delays.

How will retailers benefit?

Retailers often face challenges in optimizing their merchandising strategies and making timely updates to their collections. This results in missed opportunities and inefficiencies in the merchandising process. Similarly, there is a struggle to keep track of their merchandising history and understand the impact of previous campaigns on their business performance. Without access to historical versions, analyzing and learning from past merchandising efforts becomes challenging.
We help retailers overcome challenges with ‘Version scheduling’ where merchandisers can schedule, draft, and view historical versions of a collection or campaign. The ability to create drafts allows retailers to experiment with different merchandising strategies and optimize their collections before going live. This empowers them to optimize their offerings and ensure maximum customer engagement and increase conversion rates.

Merchandisers can view and refer back to previously created merchandising conditions, enabling them to gain valuable insights and facilitate a better understanding of what works best for their target customers. 

As discussed above, scheduling a collection to go live at any desired date and time helps in eliminating the need for manual intervention. This automation ensures the timely and accurate execution of campaigns, maximizing the impact of promotions and providing customers with a seamless shopping experience.

In a nutshell

With Tagalys’s version scheduling, you have the flexibility to create drafts, and historical versions, and schedule your collections to go live at any desired date and time. Drafts allow you to optimize your merchandising strategies by providing a space to experiment and fine-tune your collections before going live. Historical versions offer the ability to view and refer to previously created merchandising conditions, enabling you to analyze and learn from past campaigns. The scheduling feature empowers you to save pre-merchandised collections and set them to go live at your preferred date and time. These features not only save time but also ensure a seamless and timely execution of your merchandising plans. With our campaign scheduling feature, you can confidently strategize your merchandising efforts, improve efficiency, and deliver a compelling shopping experience to your customers.
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