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Online merchandising for Magento & Shopify stores

High Performer at G2 Reviews

“Tagalys helps us launch new category pages around campaigns, on the fly. Love that products can be sorted based on trending, field, and sequence. Can be used by those that can't code.”

julie oldfield

Julie OldField

Marketing Director, AllBackardfun.com

“Apart from the incredible time-saving benefits, Tagalys dramatically improved the conversion rates of Search & Product Listing Pages at my online store. I absolutely love working with this team.”

Andrew M

Owner, RedCandy.co.uk

“It is so easy to launch SEO friendly dynamic product listing pages on the fly. You can visually curate the pages by drag & drop features. Product sorting is by trending so we don't spend time in the Magento visual merchandiser.”

Marcy Chu

Freelance eCommerce Specialist

“The entire experience, from on-boarding to interactions with CEO, has been fantastic. Tagalys makes it super easy to create conversion optimized category pages and curate products. Thanks, Tagalys! ”


Rebbeca Jennings

CEO, HipsandCurves.com

Automated product sorting based on your store trends

Channels we enhance


Category pages

Tagalys lets merchants instantly create category pages & auto sort products of existing pages Tagalys sorts pages promoting products that are likely to increase conversion.


Site Search

Search results have to be accurate & fast. These are table stakes in eCommerce. Tagalys sorts products in search results based on what is most likely to increase revenue.



Product Recommendations are in-store influencers that push visitors towards purchase. Tagalys offers a menu of recommendations that can be used at each step in a visitors journey

Get empowered & instantly control what products are displayed to visitors



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