Increase revenue with conversion optimized product sorting based on how visitors engage with products at your store. Display products based on probability of sale and not instinct. 

Create product listing pages in seconds without disturbing engineering. Allow them to focus on keeping your store operational while you can launch digital marketing campaigns instantly.

Access historical product performance to make data driven decisions before you curate products on a page. Access data to decide what products to show on banners and page 1 in a listing page. 

"Tagalys listing pages makes it super easy to create optimized landing pages & curate products. The drag & drop feature allows our non-technical team to create & manage pages without tech support. The entire experience, from on-boarding to interactions with CEO, has been fantastic. We love the results."
Rebecca Jennings
"The suite of products from Tagalys increased our sales by 20%. We spend 60% less time to create product listing page for any marketing campaigns. We analyzed performance for Tagalys & non-Tagalys listing pages to validate that the add to cart ratio is 40% higher on Tagalys powered pages used in paid campaigns."
rupesh jain
Rupesh Jain
Tagalys powers every Product Listing & Search results page. We have seen a 30% increase in conversion & 20% decrease in bounce. If you are on Magento, get Tagalys.
Pawan Mehta White Teak
Pawan Mehta
We increased productivity by 60% using Tagalys Product Listing Pages. Our conversion improved and SEO ranking of these pages brings organic traffic at no additional cost
Sunoop Balaraman
Sunoop Balaraman
Chief Strategy Officer, (Shankara Building Products)
"Excellent product. Search conversion improved over 30%. They have always been available to support our needs."
Ashish Nischani
"Tagalys helps us continuously improve our top-line. They clearly understand the business needs of e-commerce"
Kapil Hetamsaria

Create product listing pages in seconds

Get empowered with

Launch any product listing page that meets your requirements in less than 60 seconds e.g., Womens Platinum Solitaire Rings on Sale under $999 

Curate the page by adding Hero products or hiding products using a visual  panel so you always control your visitors experience, not Magento

Product sorting is optimized to increase conversion as Tagalys analyzes how visitors have historically engaged with each product at your store

Add variables like Title, Page Description etc., without engineering support to attract SEO traffic

Modify page URLs instantly without any engineering support to support needs for your SEO strategy

Access product level performance details to extract insights to abandon or continue marketing campaigns

Page Speed

Deliver lighting fast page load times to reduce your bounce rates, as the pages are directly delivered from our turbo charged servers

Server Costs

Never worry about increasing server costs or the engineering resources to maintain them, as pages are powered & maintained by Tagalys servers

Load Balancing

Never have to worry about managing your servers with your increasing traffic as our architecture allows us to scale with demand 

Curate with performance insights