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Predictive merchandising for Magento

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Product Listing Pages

Online merchandising for listing or category pages dynamically updates the product positions on that page, based on store data. Tagalys dynamically predicts sale probability of all products and gives merchants the ability to visually curate.

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Search Results

Online merchandising for Search displays the products that are most likely to sell for that query. It also allows merchants to curate the results. This increases CTR from search listing to product views, leading to higher conversion & revenues.

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Visitors must view products of interest, to become customers


“Tagalys has given us the ability to quickly segment categories on our home page without having to rely on our dev team. Our customers have easy access to our most popular products and we feel confident quickly editing pages, products, and hosting last minute sales.”


Verity Washington

Marketing Manager, The Commerce Shop

“The entire experience, from on-boarding to interactions with CEO, has been fantastic. Everyone on the team is helpful and kind. Thanks, Tagalys! ”


Rebbeca Jennings


“Tagalys had made our task to merchandise product collections incredibly easy & data-driven. It gives my team the freedom to experiment and measure tactical changes we make to category pages across the site. ”


Kapil Hetamsaria


“Our sales increased by 20% after integrating with Tagalys. Tagalys gives my team complete flexibility to create any product listing pages in the least amount of time with conversion rates higher than Magento pages. ”

Rupesh Jain


Get empowered & control what products are displayed to visitors



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