Data assisted visual merchandising for ecommerce

Create Magento landing pages without engineering support

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Increase Conversion
30% onwards

Brick & Mortar stores have managers trained to display products in each aisle (category pages) analyzing what visitors pick, try & buy. Tagalys is your online store manager for category pages, trained across retailers to maximize revenues.


Automate and Control
Visitor Experience

Merchandising is the practice which contributes to the sale of products at a retailer. Tagalys predicts the best sort order and automates new product addition to maximize sales. Eliminate human error and reduce time to create and manage landing pages.


Increase Organic

SEO friendly landing pages can be created in seconds without engineering support. With dynamic content updates, faster page loads and lower bounce rates, pages created on Tagalys are bound to attract more traffic that Magento landing pages.

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14 day free trial. No credit card required. Get started in minutes.


“Tagalys makes it super easy to create optimized category pages & curate products. The drag & drop feature allows our non-technical team to create & manage pages without tech support.”

Rebecca Jennings


“Tagalys had made our task to merchandise product collections incredibly easy & data-driven. It gives my team the freedom to experiment and measure tactical changes we make to category pages across the site. ”


Kapil Hetamsaria


“All our category pages run on Tagalys. We have seen a 30% increase in conversion & 20% decrease in bounce. Tagalys helps me focus more on retail and they take care of technology. ”

Pawan Mehta White Teak

Pawan Mehta


“Our sales increased by 20% after integrating with Tagalys. Tagalys gives my team complete flexibility to create any product listing pages in the least amount of time with conversion rates higher than Magento pages. ”

Rupesh Jain


14 day free trial. No credit card required. Get started in minutes.



Sort by Trending

Tagalys predicts product performance analyzing how how visitors engage with products at your store.


Visual Curation

Curate landing pages by promoting or hiding products using a visual panel and a drag & drop tool.


Performance Insights

Access each products performance details like views, add to carts & buys to assist in Visual Merchandising.


No Engineering Support

Create, launch & deploy landing pages without engineering support. Designed for non-technical folks, now engineering can focus more on your store.


Smart Conditions

Create simple or complex landing pages in less than 60 seconds e.g., Maxi Dresses, Womens Solitaire Rings on Sale under $999


SEO Optimization

Add multiple SEO variables without tech support. With dynamic product sorting, we help you rank higher on SEO.


Customizable URLs

Modify page URLs instantly without engineering support to meet requirements of your SEO strategy.


Page Banners

Add single or multi page banners to improve communication with visitors at your online landing page.


Load Balancing

Never have to worry about managing your servers with your increasing traffic as our architecture allows us to scale with demand

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14 day free trial. No credit card required. Get started in minutes.