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  • per 50,000 category page visitors
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  • Load balancing: Merchant Server
  • SKU Count: < 50,000
  • No of Stores: < 5
  • Merchandising:
  • Default Sorting: Trending
  • Product Performance Insights
  • Product Sequencing
  • Drag & Drop curation
  • Scheduled Promotions (Coming soon)
  • Reports:
  • Click and Conversion reports
  • Analytics & Insights: 30 days

Custom pricing

Starting at $99
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  • Merchandising:
  • Intelligent Page Builder (JS)
  • Default Sorting: Trending
  • Custom Product Sorting
  • Product Performance Insights
  • Product Sequencing
  • Drag & Drop curation
  • Scheduled Promotions
  • Segmented Merchandising
  • Tag Boosting
  • Search Engine Optimization:
  • Listing Page Generators
  • Quick Add SEO Variables
  • Automated Interlinks
  • Reports:
  • Page Performance Report
  • Tag Performance Report
  • Product Segmentation Report
  • Product Performance Report
  • Analytics & Insights: 30 days
  • Advanced:
  • API for Developers
  • Personalized Listing Pages
  • Account Manager

ROI calculator for Category pages

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Tagalys ROI

Frequently Asked Questions for Listing pages

Each time a product listing or category page powered by Tagalys is viewed by a visitor, we count that as a visitor. We do NOT count home page, product page, cart page visits.

If the number of users in your GA report is 1000 and the bounce rate is 50%. Active users are 500. You can assume 50%~ 60% of the active users will visit a category page. Hence in this example, it would be 300 users or visitors

Contact us for volume discounts.

Tagalys bring intelligence to your online store by predicting product performance for every product. We collect and analyze every action across your store to predict how existing and new products will perform, to increase your sales & conversion. While most e-commerce platforms sort products based on simple sorting like best sellers or new arrivals we sort products based on predictive performance. This gives every product including new products an opportunity to be showcased at the right position because your visitors are on the move and likely to bounce if what they see is not what is trending.

No credit card required to start our trial. Just signup at, get API keys and proceed. After your trial, you will automatically be assigned a plan based on your usage pattern. You can always upgrade your plan if you need any additional features that meet your business needs.

Yes you can and the features on each plan will be adjusted accordingly. You no longer have to jump plans due to increased page views.

Companies like Amazon, Walmart etc., do not manually create category pages to attract organic traffic. An automated data-driven system creates these pages based on the exact needs of the SEO team. The same is now possible in a controlled manner using the Patent pending LP generator is patent pending.

This is the total number of products that can be removed or promoted on any page, using the visual curation panel.

This is the total number of days of data that will be stored. This data will be fully queryable for reports and also used in full or partial to compute product performance based on the profile of your online store.

Tagalys predicts trending score using multiple data points. Individual product performance is one and calculated using X days of performance data for each product. X varies by the plan chosen. This performance data is available on the Curation Panel, so your team can utilize the same to make better merchandising decision .

This report gives you insights into how individual products performed within a specific Tagalys powered Product Listing or Category page.

Our analysts study data recorded by Tagalys to give you insights into store performance. While Google Analytics gives you web analytics, Tagalys provides detailed product analytics. We also help our customers better structure the attribute & tags in their catalogs to extract maximum data insights. The product insights are used by the retailers to improve marketing & sourcing strategies.

We host data that can give you insights into your products and its performance. If you want other vendors who work with you to leverage Tagalys API's to increase your conversion rate, we have APIs for consumption. For example, if you want to trigger a browser notification asking your visitor that a chat agent can assist them, when a visitor has scrolled for 3 pages, spent 2 minutes and chosen 2 filters before, we can provide that.

All products synched with Tagalys are counted as an individual SKUs. All variants are counted as individual SKUs. If your store has 2 store fronts, each store front with 1000 products and each product 2 variants, then total number of SKUs is 4000 SKUs.

Our server infrastructure creates live backups across multiple servers, to ensure we avoid a single point of failure providing a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Load balancing allows your online store scale traffic by allocating resources among multiple Tagalys servers.

Our operations team will be available online to assist your developers when integration and assist with any debugging if required. For enterprise customers, integration costs can be included in the pricing if requested.

Tagalys has an updates mechanism that works with the Cron job on your platform. We do not pull products from your platform as it will unnecessarily increase your server load. Updates are pushed to Tagalys automatically when detected by your platform Cron. If Cron is not available, please contact us to create a custom Cron job.

While some 3rd party products periodically pull updates from your e-commerce platform, it creates unnecessary load on your servers. By using the Cron, we detect when an update is present and transfer updates to Tagalys only when required. This eliminates redundant data processing and incremental loads to your servers which host your e-commerce platform.

Every new client is allocated 4 hours on onboarding support help you best utilize Tagalys. Based on your availability, we will set up 1 call every week until the first month. Post onboarding, our customer success team will be available for 4 hours every month at no additional charge.

Tagalys allows you to paste a list of SKUs directly into the panel and create a category page. You might use this mode if you rely on excel sheets or other software to get a list of SKUs that you want on your page. Once pasted, you can use the curation panel to promote or hide products

Detailed SLAs can be found at Enterprise customers will have a custom SLA based on their requirements.

This report gives you insights into how attributes and tags performed across your entire store for a period of time. So if you want to know what type of shirts at price point X, with sleeve = Short did well in New York vs. London, this is the report.

“Tagalys helps us launch new category pages around campaigns, on the fly. Love that products can be sorted based on trending, field, and sequence. Can be used by those that can't code.”

julie oldfield

Julie OldField

Marketing Director (

“It is so easy to launch SEO friendly dynamic product listing pages on the fly. You can visually curate the pages by drag & drop features. Product sorting is by trending so we don't spend time in the Magento visual merchandiser.”

Marcy Chu

Freelance eCommerce Specialist

“Tagalys has given us the ability to quickly create category pages without having to rely on our dev team. Our customers have easy access to our most trending products and we feel confident quickly editing pages, products, and hosting last minute sales.”


Verity Washington

Marketing Manager, The Commerce Shop

“The product is easy to use and has helped us improve conversion & revenue at our store. The team is always there to support us if required. We use Tagalys to power Search & Listing Pages. Highly recommended.”

Ritika Gupta


“Our Magento store conversion rates improved by over 40% after Tagalys. We integrated their APIs with our marketing automation to increase CTRs by over 70%. ”

Rupesh Jain


“Tagalys had made our task to merchandise product collections incredibly easy & data-driven. It gives my team the freedom to experiment and measure tactical changes we make to category pages across the site. ”


Kapil Hetamsaria


“I can safely say that category page extension has been the best investment for our e-commerce store. Tagalys gives us more control over our customer experience and tons of data to make better purchase & sales decision.”

vineeth gehna

Vineeth Samadaria

Marketing Head,

“Category merchandising was done by gut feel, moving products which looked good to the top. Anything below the first page was pretty much a free-for-all! Tagalys has completely replaced this manual work by automatically re-ordering each category based upon their proprietary algorithms with an option to manually over ride.”

Andrew Menzies

Andrew M

Owner at Red Candy

“The merchandising tools make it super easy to create optimized landing pages and curate products. The drag & drop features are easy to use so our non-technical team members can create & manage pages without developer support.”


Rebecca Jennings


“We increased productivity by 60% using Tagalys powered Category Pages. Our conversion improved and SEO ranking of these pages brings organic traffic at no additional cost. ”

Sunoop Balaraman


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