Increase conversion with data driven sorting, new product automation, & instant page creation

How do you create an Intelligent Listing Page instantly?

Choose Conditions

Using collaborative filters, instantly drill down and find products that fit the description of the listing page. Visually curate the page by using easy drag & drop options to merchandise the page. 

Paste SKUs

Bulk paste up to 1000 product SKUs to instantly generate a listing page. Visually curate the page by using easy drag & drop options to merchandise the page. 

Product Features

Conversion Optimized

Dynamically sort products by the highest probability of sale, based on site level engagement data. 

Search Engine Optimization

Add SEO variables like meta keywords,  descriptions etc., to ensure search engines index and drive organic traffic.

Visual Merchandising

Use a visual panel to pin or remove products products, to customize sorting for your business needs.

Custom URLs

Instantly create url’s for pages without any tech support to aid your SEO and SEM strategies

Live Reports

Track in real time how visitors engage with the listing page to optimize budgets and increase ROI


Multi Banners

Add single or multi banners that auto scroll on the product listing page to improve visitor engagement

Load Balancing

Our architecture allows us to scale with demand while maintaining redundancy so we avoid a single point of failure.

Incredibly fast

Get incredibly fast and intelligent api responses to ensure visitor experience is never compromised and product views increase

Uptime Guarantee

With multi-server setups, clients always have access to more than one server, hence providing 99.9% uptime guarantee

Multi Currency

Tagalys updates prices if your store is configured to serve visitors with multiple currencies.

Multi Language

Our API's are configured to serve results across 22 different languages. Visit support section to learn ore.

Multi Store

If your e-commerce platform is configured to have multiple stores, each store can be synced with Tagalys in one installation setup.

Installation in less than 60 minutes