Search that learns from store analytics to increase conversion

Accurate results dynamically sorted by trending products, not keyword relevance

Value Delivered


Maximize Search

Leading retailers display products for every query based on performance and not relevance. Arm your online store with proprietary trending algorithms that predicts product performance, based on historical visitor actions at your online store.


Influence Search

Give your online store similar capabilities of brick & mortar retailers to influence the products displayed to visitors for specific queries. Get empowered with Tagalys & take complete control of visitor experience at your online store.


Access Search
Demand Insights

Get access to detailed grouped reports that outline exactly what your visitors are asking. Our customers utilize reports to gain insights to improve sourcing, inventory and marketing insights, because search data is what your visitors seek at your store.

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Search is a query of interest. Are you fully monetizing this interest?



Store Trending

Collect & analyze click stream data across the entire store to sort search results by products trending across the store.


Location Trending

Collect & analyze click stream data by location to sort search results by products trending across that location.


Personalized Search

Collect & analyze click stream data by visitor to sort search results by products of interest to that specific visitor.


Popular Search

Aggregate the highest volume grouped search queries to display the top 10 searches. Popular Searches provides an immediate Call to Action, making it easier for most visitors to start searching.


Pinned Search

Promote new search queries to make them display as popular searches to your visitors. Your business needs the ability to influence visitor experience as per marketing requirements.


No Results

Every retailer will experience between 12% to 21% of search results without any products. Display smart product recommendations on this page, to increase visitor engagement that improve conversion



Help your visitors always discover trending search results, no matter what they call them. Cell phone vs. Mobile phone, Trouser vs. Pant, Full Sleeve vs. Long Sleeve


Detailed Reporting

Get access detailed reports like the Click & Conversion reports and No results Search reports, to gain insights into demand data at your store to determine sourcing or merchandising decisions.


Query Stemming

Display the same search results when visitors type stemmed or unstemmed search queries. Pant vs. pants, Hike vs. Hiking etc.,


Auto Complete

Instantly auto-complete text & product suggestions analyzing the search query product attributes, product content & availability, to guide visitors to the right search results page


Spell Check

Your visitors especially on mobile are guaranteed to make mistakes. Autocorrect spelling mistakes to save your visitors the trouble when typing on the go.


Multi Language

With the ability to serve search results across 22 languages, you only need one search engine across your multi lingual e-commerce store.

Search data is visitor interest data. What insights do you extract today?


“Excellent! Search conversion improved over 50% and remains fabulous. Our team uses features like pinned searches & merchandising to promote our business needs for specific campaigns. Their support team is always available when we have needed them. ”


Ashish Nischani


“Getting up and running was a breeze. They are always rolling out new features and UI updates so the platform keeps getting better and better. We love the results.”


Rebbeca Jennings


“Tagalys helps us continuously improve our search top-line. They clearly understand the business needs of mature online retailers. ”


Kapil Hetamsaria


“Our search conversion improved by over 50% and we continuously gather insights every day from the Tagalys reports that help with the overall business. Tagalys is a must have for Magento commerce stores. ”

Rupesh Jain


Do you want to influence visitor experience when they search?

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