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Instantly & visually merchandise search results to influence products displayed

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More than relevance. Intelligent, accurate & merchandisable search results

Trending Results

Improve conversion by displaying search results that are fresh, relevant & backed by analytics.

Data-Driven Search Results
Search Results Merchandising

Merchandised Searches

Customize, create, & influence search results based on business requirements.

Fuzzy Suggestions

Autocorrect misspelled words with intuitive suggestions to display trending products.

Intuitive Fuzzy Suggestions
Recent & Popular Searches

Recent & Popular Searches

Display & modify popular search terms and guide visitors to discover products easily.

Search Accuracy

Give merchandisers visibility & control to ensure 100% accurate & trending search results.

search accuracy give merchandisers 100% visibility & control to ensure accurate search results
Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Get a detailed summary of various performance metrics like Click-Through-Rate, Conversion Rate, etc, and ‘No Results’ searches report. Gain insights into demand data at your store to determine sourcing or merchandising decisions.

Supercharge Site Search to maximize conversion rate

Curate category/collection sorting with intutive drag and drop panel.

Drag & Drop

Curate search results with intuitive drag and drop panel.

Spell Check

Spell Check

Help visitors with right products in case of misspelled query.

Partial Matches

Partial Matches

Show results that partial match in case the query does not exactly match.

Refine Search

Refine Search

Define rules to refine search results to eliminate false results.

Ignore Words

Ignore Words

Define the words that can be ignored from search queries.



Define words that are not recognised by the system as Singular/Plural.

No Results Recommendations

No Results Recommendations

Recommend Bestsellers, New Arrivals, Custom widgets, etc in case of 'No Results'.

Use Site Search data for your online business insights

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Faster search experience

"Tagalys Site Search provides a fast experience with text & visual suggestions that's miles beyond what we had. With Tagalys we have many reports to monitor and proactively improve the Search experience for our visitors"

Joshua L

Growth Engineer


Exceptional customer support

“The product is easy to use and has helped us improve conversion & revenue at our store. The team is always there to support us if required. We use Tagalys to power Search & Listing Pages. Highly recommended”

Ritika Gupta



Search results load much faster

“We have seen a 30% increase in search conversion and the results load much faster than traditional Magento search. If you are on Magento, get Tagalys”

Pawan Mehta


White Teak

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