Which is the best eCommerce Site Search engine for Magento?

August 2, 2021


Today, online stores are a natural extension of offline stores for consumers. Visitors almost expect the same shopping experience when they shop in both online and offline retail stores. Most visitors entering a physical store ask their queries to the salesperson and he/she, in turn, would help them find the products based on their knowledge. The same function is done by the Site Search engine in an online store.

Visitors who use the eCommerce Site Search feature to find products convert twice more than those who use other channels like Product Listing Pages and Product Recommendations, as visitors who search already have showcased intent. Hence Site Search has great potential in influencing your online sales when done right.

Limitations of Magento Catalog Search

By default, the Magento Site Search results are sorted by relevance. The major drawback of the Magento Catalog search is, the results are not data-driven. ‘Trending’ or Data-Driven search results are optimized for conversion as they improve visitor engagement. Chat with us to learn how a US Online retailer increased search conversion by over 82% by switching from Relevance based Search to Trending Search. The other disadvantage in the Magento site search is the lack of merchandising ability. Retailers based on their marketing requirements would often have the need to promote certain products on top for specific search queries which are not possible. Having the best eCommerce search solution gives retailers control over the products displayed to their visitors.The following are some of the features to look out in a best eCommerce search engine:

10 must-have features of eCommerce Site Search engine to boost conversion

  1. Intelligent product sorting: Making sure the products are displayed in descending order of what is most trending to least, to increase CTR to product pages
  2. Popular Searches - Retailers display “Popular Searches” to influence first-time visitors before they search.
  3. Auto-Complete - Predictive auto-complete makes “Searching” intuitive, easy & visual, especially on mobile.
  4. High search relevance and coverage - Online visitors should discover all the relevant products if they search or browse at the store.
  5. eCommerce Site Search Merchandising: Allowing online retailers the ability to curate the search results, to also include external insights known to them
  6. Synonyms - Online shoppers ask for the same product in different words e.g., Rugs vs. Carpets.
  7. Query stemming - Shoppers are likely to ask queries with suffixes E.g., Reclining vs. Reclinable; Wool vs. Woollen.
  8. No Results Recommendations - Almost 14% of visitors who search are likely to leave due to “No Results”. Product recommendations for queries not matching the search index will reduce the page bounce rate.
  9. Spell Check - 3% of mobile visitors are unlikely to find products due to spelling mistakes
  10. Personalization: Having the ability to showcase unique search results catered to each visitor for the same query, based on their personal interest

Comparison of various eCommerce Site Search providers and their features*

Tagalys Klevu Nextopia SearchSpring Attraqt UNBXD
Data Driven Sorting (Trending)
Search Results Defining (Merchandising) ** ** ** ** **
Search Results Boosting (Merchandising) **
Popular & Pinned Searches ** ** **
Recent Searches ** ** ** ** **
Search Suggestions ✓ (Text & Visual)
Fuzzy Search Suggestions ** ** ** ** **
One way / Two way Synonym ** ** ** **
Search Redirects ** **
Spell Check
Autocomplete ** **
Partial Match Results ** **
Search Results Refining ** ** ** **
Singularisation ** ** ** ** **
Ignore Words ** ** **
Search Results Pinning (Merchandising) **
Dynamic Filters
No Result Recommendations ** **


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*Comparison as on July 30, 2021, **Data publicly not available as on July 30, 2021

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