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Why retailers choose Tagalys

The product sequencing function is AWESOME

“You could sequence ‘recently added’ in and amongst ‘buys’ for example. Tagalys dramatically improved the conversion rates of Search & Product Listing Pages. I absolutely love working with this team”

Andrew M


Red Candy

Best quality merchandising

"The Tagalys team feels like part of our company. Been really impressed with their work and the quality of the tool for the price"

Lily E

Director of Site Content & Merchandising


Ideal for large product catalogs. Unbeatable support!

“Tagalys is easy to understand and delivers on its promises. The support provided is unbeatable; ‘T-score Boost’ is my personal favorite. We have a large catalog of products across collections and Tagalys has helped us sequence our collection for better product visibility"

George W

Web Content Coordinator

Meri Meri

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