Which is the best Product Recommendations engine for Magento & Shopify eCommerce?

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A visitor stepping into a brick and mortar store is greeted by the salesperson, and they are always available to recommend the best selling, new arrivals, or popular products at the store. Dynamic “Product Recommendations” in an eCommerce store tries to replicate the same visitor experience in an online store.

Product Recommendations are known to drive 35% of the revenue at Amazon.com and hence online visitors tend to expect the same online experience from other stores.

Considering this high potential, the placement of product recommendations has to be at the appropriate locations for the best results. For example, “Similar Products” is relevant only at the product detail pages. Displaying ‘Similar Products / Also viewed” recommendations at the home page will be inappropriate.

Below is the list of Product Recommendation types and its preferred location at an online store

  • Home Page – Bestsellers / Most Popular / Personalised Recommendations
  • Products page – Similar Products / Viewed Also viewed
  • Checkout page – ‘Complete the Look’ / Frequently bought together
  • Product category and listing pages – Bestsellers/New Arrivals specific to the category

Online retailers need to considers many factors such as features, performance, pricing, on-boarding, support, etc before selecting a vendor to serve their online product recommendation needs. Below is a comparison of various Product Recommendation providers and their features.

Comparison of various Product Recommendation providers and their features*

Monthly Pricing starts @Contact us for special COVID discount$499.95”$395”****$89
Pricing based per25K unique visitors who load Recommendations********50K Slider views
Personalized Recommendations **  
Best Sellers / Most Viewed / Most Popular 
Similar Products ** ** **
Cart Page Recommendations  **** 
Customizable Recommendations  ** **** ** **
Embeddable Recommendations xx x  x x
Also Viewed/Boughtx  **
G2 Rating4.
Inclusive pricing along with other solutions


Rated 4.8/5.0 at G2, Tagalys also provides value-based pricing to its customers. This means the more the visitors load recommendations the lesser you pay at Tagalys compared to the rest, as we price based on visitors & not hits. Also, Tagalys provides excellent service in terms of onboarding & customer support that has been rated almost 10/10 across all reviews. Value-based pricing, with excellent conversion, increases customer ROI.

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*Comparison as on December 18, 2019 **Data publicly not available as on December 18, 2019