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eCommerce Product Recommendations: An Online Retailer’s Guide

August 22, 2019


Before eCommerce became a trend and people started shopping online for almost all of their needs, shopping used to involve visiting the brick and mortar stores. Remember how friends or your mom recommended you to try some products in the stores? Or how the shopkeeper had a few suggestions depending on your needs?Now while shopping online, people have a super-wide variety of products to choose from with no shopkeeper, recommending or finding products for them. How do you make their experience better then? Through eCommerce product recommendations.

Yes, eCommerce stores are simply an evolution of the conventional brick and mortar stores. They are growing fast because of the added advantages it provides in terms of convenience, accessibility, and time-saving. This means an ideal eCommerce store should possess all the capabilities of an offline store and additionally provide the online benefits. One such capability that has to be inherited from offline stores is ‘Product Recommendations’.

Product Recommendations in eCommerce stores

‘Recommendations’ is one of the three gateways through which online visitors discover products before they purchase. The other two are eCommerce Site Search and eCommerce Product Listing page merchandising. Product Recommendations are displayed in eCommerce stores as widgets. They can be grouped into a single carousel or customized by product type based on merchant requirements. They can also be personalized for each visitor based on their browsing action.

Benefits of Having eCommerce Product Recommendations

Here are some benefits of having an eCommerce product recommendations engine:

  • Increase AOV.
  • Increase sales, product recommendations account for up to 31% of eCommerce site revenues.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Boost customer satisfaction.
  • Facilitate personalized interaction and one-to-one marketing.
  • Boost product discoverability.
  • Lower the bounce rate of your website or app.
  • Get better CTR results.
  • Get 4.5x more add-to-carts.
  • Make way for more revenue -- 35% of Amazon total revenues come from the positive effects of recommendation.
product-recommendations statistics

Recommendations can be of varied types each serving a different purpose. They can be shown on any page of an online store. The 5 popular product recommendation types every eCommerce store must have

1. Customers also viewed

This is an aggregation of products that were also viewed by different visitors who viewed that primary product. Retail giants that store vast volumes of data, use this recommendation widget on the product detail page.

Customers also viewed recommendations

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2. Customers also bought

This is an aggregation of products that were also bought by different visitors who purchased that primary product. They are generally shown in cart pages or sent as recommendations via email using marketing automation tools. This recommendation helps to increase the Average Order Value & Lifetime Value of the customer, thereby improving the store’s revenue.

Customers also bought recommendations

Image source: Walmart

3. Similar Products

These are product recommendations, where each product that is recommended is similar in attributes to the primary viewed product. 'Similar Product Recommendations' are best-suited for product pages. They help to engage the visitor who is close to purchasing and is looking for similar options from the primary product.

similar product recommendations

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4. Best Sellers or Trending

They provide information about the products that are currently popular at the store and quickly engage or trigger the visitor’s interest. These recommendations are best suited on the Homepage. Few retailers like Walmart use ‘Trending’ recommendations in their cart page as well.

best sellers product recommendations

Image source: Walmart

5. No Results Recommendations

Every retailer will experience between 12% to 21% of search results without any products. Displaying smart product recommendations on this page will increase visitor engagement and conversion. This type of recommendation can be of multiple carousels each containing Bestellers, Most viewed, Top discounts, Biggest Savings, etc. ‘No Results Recommendations’ also reduce the store bounce rate.

no results product recommendations

Image Source: All Backyard Fun

Customizable Product Recommendations

You can offer product recommendations based on what suits your eCommerce strategy. For example, products can be recommended based on style, color, price, brands, etc. or a combination of these factors. Tagalys' "Custom Widgets" feature allows you to display products in sync with the season, events, festivals, or any data insights.The feature also allows for easy promotion of products to support any merchandising or marketing strategy. It takes only a few seconds and doesn't need any expert technical knowledge. Have a look:

Customizable ecommerce recommendations

Product Recommendations in Blogs

The blog page gets a lot of hits when powered with the right SEO. Sharing product recommendations within the blogs promotes product discoverability. Tagalys allows you to display a product recommendations widget within your blog that directs visitors to the actual online store, driving conversions.

ecommerce Recommendations to blogs

Recommending certain products on the blog page is made possible with Tagalys’ embeddable widget builder in minutes. You can attract visitors with non-static, visual links. Also, the widget is dynamic, which prevents out-of-stock products from being displayed in your blog when it is read after a few weeks or months.

Dynamic Email Recommendations

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to get digital leads. Tagalys allows for dynamic product recommendations in real-time to be displayed within your emails that are clickable and lead your target audience to your online store.The automated, non-static widget by Tagalys increases the chances of conversions through higher add-to-cart actions. It also reduces the chances of customers seeing out-of-stock products in your emails, negatively affecting your campaign.

Recommend and Grow!

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”-- Jeff Bezos

Product recommendations make the customer experience much better. When people start finding what they need on your eCommerce platform, they will keep returning to it. This will also help in making your store popular, over a period of time.Tagalys' eCommerce product recommendations solution is a hassle-free, efficient, intelligent, and quick way of offering smart product recommendations that are impactful. Our tools equip your business for success, which is needed now more than ever.

Tagalys maximizes conversion rate & gives merchants visual control of products displayed in Site Search, Category Pages & Product Recommendations at their online store. To know more about our solutions and features, get in touch with us now.

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