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Why eCommerce Product Recommendations in emails should be dynamic?

May 25, 2020


Product Recommendations sent to visitors via email is a cost-effective channel for showcasing products and are pivotal in increasing Add to Carts through email campaigns. This is also one of the cost-effective ways to increase click-through-rate and can drive traffic to your store. Email recommendations are useful in upselling, cross-selling, and abandoned cart recovery strategies.Whether you're just getting started with email recommendation or trying to up your game with email recommendations, learn how to stay ahead with the new dynamic email widget.

How are product recommendations created for email marketing?

Merchandisers manually create email recommendations where they need to enter SKU’s or attributes to define the products on the recommendations. They are delivered as static images and link pair and is available when a user opens the email with details like product name, price, discount, etc.

Disadvantages of Current Email Product Recommendations

  • They require a significant time investment as it is manual
  • Due to minimal merchandising capabilities, current email product recommendations are basic with minimal merchandising capabilities.
  • They are static and do not stand the test of time.
  • As they are static, it may result in showcasing incorrect product data which affects the A2C rates.
  • There are chances that the same products can be recommended when they are generated by email marketing products. The worst thing you can do for your subscriber engagement is kept showing the same items from some category or the same set of bestsellers over and over again

What is a Dynamic Email Widget?

To improve the performance of email recommendations, marketers need to use dynamic tools to craft highly relevant emails that are delivered at just the right time. The Tagalys dynamic email widget recommendations are presented in real-time when the email is opened– not when the campaign is sent out and this enables the user to look at the correct product data when the visitor clicks the product tile. Tagalys also helps in providing a wide range of ecommerce merchandising capabilities, giving the retailer complete flexibility to ensure the widgets meet the requirements of the campaign.A Dynamic Email Widget enables users to copy the HTML code snippet, which can be embedded in their emails to ensure the products displayed to visitors at various points in time, only show products that are in stock (if set as a configuration with Tagalys) and with real-time product catalog details.

Dynamic email product recommendations

Advantages of Dynamic Email Widgets

  • Recommendation widgets loaded will be in sync with the product catalog and so the products in the email widget are updated to each user when they open the email.
  • Due to merchandising capabilities, Tagalys renders recommendations based on the sort order defined by the merchandiser along with visual merchandising capabilities.
  • When merchants change the Hero or Promotional products, the same gets reflected on the widget
  • It saves time as merchants can instantly create any custom email recommendation widget in seconds eliminating manual efforts.
  • It can lead to better add to carts from email marketing, as the probability of a visitor landing on a product that is out of stock or not in sync with the catalog is reduced.
  • The product detail page is one click away from your subscribers. They do not have to visit a listing page to discover the product being promoted

The above advantages of the dynamic email widget will maximize user engagement and revenue, as a result of real-time email recommendations. Improve the performance of your email campaigns using Tagalys Dynamic Email Widget. Enhance email recommendations with the right product data and recommendation widgets that are updated to each user at the time of email open. Test different strategies for your emails and analyze exactly what gets users to click and convert.Also, read about Tagalys's embeddable blog widgets (Product Recommendations) to engage and convert visitors from your blog pages.Contact us to schedule a demo at your convenience.

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