eCommerce retailers! Time to shift from platform provided site search to intelligent solutions

| Shane

Did you know that a simple tweak to your eCommerce search capabilities can boost conversion rates by 80%?


eCommerce site search has great potential to improve product discoverability and Click-Through-Rate, thereby contributing to the overall revenue increase. However, built-in or platform provided eCommerce site search solutions are not the silver bullet to achieve this goal. And today, we will explore the same. What is an eCommerce Site Search Solution? Why Does it Matter?


eCommerce site search is a search engine that is either built-in that comes along with the platform (Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc) or integrated into your eCommerce store by an extension (plugin or app). Its primary job is to locate the products that a user is looking for by matching the input keywords to the product catalog or search index. Additionally, it also understands the user’s preferences, leaves room for optimization, and ranks the results.

As explained above, the eCommerce site search can be run using either the inbuilt (platform provided) or third-party search.

Drawbacks of platform provided eCommerce Site Search

The platform provided eCommerce site search is readily available for the online stores and it does not require any technical expertise to develop or implement it in your store.

However, they suffer from the following deficiencies:

  • No scope for merchandizing
  • Limited customizability
  • Limited search functionality
  • No data-driven sort order
  • Slow page speed
  • Lack of transparency
  • One-size-fits-all eCommerce site search solution

Solution: Intelligent Site Search extensions


If you wish to enrich your online store by offering an impactful search experience to your visitors, you must consider switching to intelligent eCommerce site search solutions.

They offer quick deployment with extra flexibility. The service provider handles all the complexities of technical maintenance and indexing and allows you the freedom to focus on core business processes.

Tools like Tagalys allow integrated and tailored Site Search functionality. It allows you to leverage and tap into the underutilized potential of site search, and possesses the following remarkable features:

  • Dynamic search results based on ongoing trends, locations, etc.
  • Visual Autocomplete and product suggestions that are an instant call to action
  • Pinned, Popular and Recent searches
  • Spell checks, fuzzy suggestions, and query stemming to fix input errors.
  • Synonyms, related products/alternatives, and partial search results for greater product visibility/discoverability
  • Product pinning and merchandising results
  • Detailed reports on Serach performance
  • Personalization.
  • Higher page speeds

When you can get all of the above, why settle for in-built eCommerce site search solutions?

Parting Thoughts

A rich eCommerce search experience could unlock various business and store opportunities. However, it is an extremely individualistic task that requires customization, along with a unique identity. Hence, an inbuilt eCommerce site search can deliver dampened results. Having an expert take care of all the merchandising and nitty-gritty of eCommerce site search can increase your store’s usability. Thus, intelligent eCommerce site solutions are the way to go!