Automate Magento Discounts or Sale Category Pages

March 3, 2018


Every online retailer has a Sale or Clearance page, that contains products where sale price (field) on the product is lower than the actual price (field). This product is legible to fall into a sale page.

But in Magento, retailers have to create a static sale page and manually add products when they meet this condition and remember to remove products from this page when this condition is no longer met.

Challenges faced by retailers when creating a sale category page on Magento

This is a manual task that is most often overlooked as there are many products whose prices change that require the sale page to be constantly updated.

Your sale page is most likely one of the most visited pages. So its imperative to ensure this page is always accurate always ensuring you display the comprehensive list of products on sale and only those whose sale price is lower than the price.

Fortunately, Online Visual Merchandising from Tagalys does this for you in a few clicks and what's even more awesome is that you no longer have to ever manually update the page ever again.

How can a Magento sale or discounts page be created using Tagalys

1) Login to your  Tagalys dashboard. If you do not have one, you can signup at

2) Create a new page with the right name that will help your visitors easily identify the page e.g., Store-Wide Sale, Discounts on Rings, etc.

Magento Discounts page step 1

3) If required edit the URL if you think organic traffic might also be interested in products available on this page

4) Choose the Tagalys conditions " Discount Percentage" and set it where the discount percentage is greater than 1.

Magento Discounts page step 2

5) Choose a sort order that you think is best suited. Tagalys will sort the products by the historical performance at your store, but you can also sort the discounted/sale products by their respective discount amount or percentage - Ascending or descending.

Magento Discounts page step 3

6) If you are promoting this page on an advertisement that shows a product and you want that to be the first product on the page, use the "Curate" option and drag & drop that product as the first product on the page.

7) Click save and you are done.

You can also make a page for "New Arrivals" in a few clicks and never have to come back to update it again.

Tagalys maximizes conversion rate & gives merchants visual control of products displayed in Site Search, Category Pages & Product Recommendations in eCommerce. To know more about our solutions and features, get in touch with us now.

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