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E-Merchandising Ranking

Online merchandising is one of the key factors when it comes to driving engagement at your online store. Your visitor is more likely to buy what he/she sees. Choosing the right online merchandising software is a crucial process to increases customer engagement and click-through rates. Online Merchandising helps online retailers discover trending products that can positively impact online revenue. There are plenty of products available with various features, but online retailers should identify a product that can fix their specific merchandising challenges. Some of the top challenges shared by our customers are 

  1. How does a merchandiser automatically display products that will increase CTR & store conversion?
  2. Can online merchants have more control over products displayed with the least manual effort?
  3. Can merchants instantly promote one or many products across the online store?
  4. Can online merchants visually curate e-commerce listing pages instantly to meet their marketing needs?
  5. Can online merchants create data-driven product listing pages in seconds?

Merchants need to evaluate Features, Integration & Subscription Pricing, Integration Support, Onboarding support, and Customer support before making a buying decision that solves the above challenges. 

While a sales pitch will help online merchants understand the value proposition of any product, unbiased product reviews from actual customers help prospects gain credibility & trust, before taking that chance. Online merchandising has a direct influence on the revenue of online retailers and reviews from customers on a 3rd party neutral platform, are a great source for credibility & trust.

Why should users trust G2?

With nearly 5 million visitors annually, G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace that helps business owners to identify the right tools and software with their real-time authentic reviews and listings and thus helping them to make the right buying decision. The products and vendors on G2 are rated based on reviews gathered from customers. Tagalys, a predictive merchandising engine for eCommerce analyzes visitor actions on products, to predict what will sell is the highest-rated of e-commerce merchandising software with a score of 84, as per May 2020 reports. 

This ranking is based on the G2 satisfaction score which is determined by user satisfaction, the most important factor that defines the success and effectiveness of the tool. 

What is the G2 satisfaction score? 

Based on the reviews gathered from their user community and from also the data aggregated from online sources and social networks, G2 rates the products and vendors. 

Factoring in real-user satisfaction ratings from review data, a proprietary algorithm calculates the product satisfaction score. The satisfaction score is influenced by several determinants like customer satisfaction based on user reviews, popularity, and statistical significance based on the number of reviews received by G2, the quality of reviews, and the age of reviews.

Why makes Tagalys top the ratings? 

In a short span of 2 years, Tagalys is the highest rated e-commerce merchandising tool on G2. Tagalys also has achieved the following medals across functions as a result of specific review questions completed by users

Tagalys top the ratings as 100% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars, 94% of users believe it is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend Tagalys at a rate of 96%.  Tagalys has been effective in solving the problems of e-commerce retailers by helping them in automatically displaying products that will increase CTR & Conversion, creating data-driven listing pages, and visually curate listing pages with less manual effort. This clearly indicates the level of satisfaction and proves that it has met the requirements of the customers. 

Setup and Customer Support 

Ease of setup is a significant factor that determines the usability score and Tagalys tops the ease of setup score chart. From the demo, sign up, trial to easy integration, Tagalys offers excellent support and ease the onboarding process. 

An efficient support team is one of the key customer satisfaction. From the reviews, it is evident that delivering excellent customer service is one of Tagalys’ company values. Tagalys also excels in the quality of support with a 100% score. The reviews clearly indicate that the support team was effective and quick in responding and resolving the cases. Most of the reviewers have stated that they are happy with Tagalys and there has never been a need for a switch to another software. 

Customer Segment Breakdown 

Tagalys works with an array of brands representing various industries like Apparel and Fashion, Retail, Luxury Goods & Jewellery, Consumer Goods and Arts and Crafts. As we scale efficiently and effectively, Tagalys is focusing on the efforts of broadening the universe of potential verticals, choosing customers that are best suited to utilize the product, and get the maximum ROI. It caters to the needs of Small business, Mid-market, and Enterprise. 

Top Industries Represented


Highest rated on G2, Tagalys wins comfortably over other products in terms of onboarding, customer support, ease of use, and most importantly, value for money that increases your marketing ROI. 

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to Tagalys today.

Sign up for a free 28-day trial of Tagalys and we take care of the rest! You can also schedule a demo here to know more about Tagalys.

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