Algolia Search vs. Tagalys Search

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Do you want the fastest Search (Algolia) or really fast Search (Tagalys) that increases your conversion & revenue?

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At Tagalys, we obsess about improving product discovery at our retailers. How do we ensure visitors click on more products from search results or how do we ensure they find the most relevant products in the first 3 scrolls. To our customers (online retailers) eCommerce Search under 100ms to ensure scores are calculated and products sorted by what is most likely to sell, to help with end conversion is an acceptable trade-off. Read our testimonials to know more.


Algolia is a brilliant product, incredibly fast, and ideal for database searches. But does it solve the needs of e-commerce search? This is to learn what products are more likely to sell and optimizing your search results by showcasing products that are more likely to increase conversion for that query.  Here is a quick comparison of the two with data researched on October 1st, 2017

Search PersonalizationStarts at $799/moStarts at $2500/mo
Localized Search resultsYesNo
Reports & Analytics30 days**
Default sortingTrendingRelevance
Merchandising resultsYesNo
Display Popular SearchesYesNo
Modify Popular SearchesYesNo
Pricing based onUnique visitorsRecords + Indexing
Speed< 150ms< 50ms
IT/Tech heavyNoYes

*mo – Month, ms – Milli Second

With inbuilt analytics, Tagalys by default sorts search results based on what is trending. ‘Trending’ is the analysis of visitor engagement data across the entire site to predict the best selling products for any search query, based on historical engagement data. It collects data utilizing Tagalys analytics for site-wide engagement, understands engagement patterns, and determines Trending scores for all products. It continues to learn and improve these scores as visitors interact with the site. We also analyze data patterns across segments or for each visitor, to personalize search.

Limitations in Elastic Search

Algolia, on the other hand, has gone on record and said “Elasticsearch is a wonderful tool for Big Data analytics, but it is very difficult to reach a good relevance with it on database search. You can try to add some logic on top of Elasticsearch or try to reorder manually results for some queries, but it’s tedious work that continuously needs to be tuned. Algolia, on the other hand, focuses on getting a very good relevance with minimal configuration. While not optimal for all use cases, it makes it particularly appropriate for database search”. The tedious work is what Tagalys has solved for online retailers giving them an out of the box solution, with simple installation.

Conversion Percentage in Tagalys

Both Tagalys & Algolia also cover some of the basics of eCommerce search like showing suggestions with autocomplete, spell check & live product synching. Our core lies in the post-click analysis to keep learning from patterns and update trending, personalization, or localization scores, so the products displayed in search results are more likely to convert.  So we can actually help you with improving your conversion at less than 100ms, happy to show you a demo anytime.

Tagalys maximizes conversion rate & gives merchants visual control of products displayed in e-commerce SearchCategory Pages & Product Recommendations at e-Commerce.

** Data publicly not available