The Benefits of Advanced Product Sequencing in eCommerce Merchandising

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Here’s a scenario that may be happening with your e-commerce platform. Customers land on your website or app and look out for something they want to buy. The first few products they see aren’t something that helps them decide to make a purchase. Because these are the times with short customer patience, they leave your website and probably choose your competitor over you. For you, this is bad. How do you change this? With advanced product sequencing.

80% of the visitors bounce after the first three scrolls on a listing page. An important part of online product merchandising, advanced product sequencing will help you sequence your products to give your customers what they want. It helps with product discovery and ultimately helps with conversions.

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What is Advanced Sequencing for Product Listing Pages?

Advanced product sequencing is the act of sequencing the products on your product listing pages, filtered by different attributes or tags like product type, product colours, trending score etc. It is automated, can be applied to any of your product listing pages and is fuelled by the use of artificial intelligence combined with human intelligence.

How Does Offline Merchandising Happen Today?

Offline merchandising was a thing much before e-commerce came into the picture. Offline merchandisers either arrange their products by what’s most visually appealing or by what’s hot-selling (think of supermarkets). Similarly, you can do the same and more for online merchandising through advanced product sequencing.

Limitations of Online Merchandising in Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce Today

  • It is done manually, which makes it prone to errors.
  • It is time-consuming that can hamper productivity.
  • It isn’t dynamic. The updates happen only when manual changes are made.
  • No product performance data is available to give merchandising insights.

Why Should You Use Advanced Merchandising for Your E-Commerce Store?

By implementing Tagalys’ advanced product sequencing solutions, you can get a host of benefits. Here’s why:

1. Seamlessly Execute Any Merchandising Strategy

There are no limits to what you can do with advanced product sequencing. Want to display products that are ideal for a festival or occasion? Want to promote your choice of products by type, colour, price, trending score and more? You can do it all. You can align your listing pages to your merchandising strategy effortlessly.

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2. Instantly Control Visitor Experience

A high bounce rate is because the visitor experience is not satisfactory. A visitor spends approximately 5 minutes on a retail website. That’s all the time you have, to convince them to make a purchase. With advanced product sequencing, you can control what you want to show and improve the visitor experience. For example, one way to do that is to show trending products first or new arrivals first.

3. Showcase Products Intelligently, Efficiently & Effectively

Advanced product sequencing is data-driven, offering performance insights. Intelligent AI allows for effective and efficient product sequencing that is appealing to your customers. It has dynamic product sorting capabilities.

4. Increase Product Discovery

With a low bounce rate, your customers tend to scroll longer because they something they are interested in. They discover more products this way. You can also promote products that are usually deep inside your product listing page for a certain category. Advanced product sequencing also improves click-through ration (CTR), by 25%.

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5. Sequence Your Products, Independent of IT Support

You don’t need to have any IT knowledge and don’t need to contact IT support every time you need to make a change on your product listing page. It is simple and can be done in a few steps, in a few seconds. Tagalys reduces manual efforts by over 80%.

6. Lightning-Fast Tweaking of Digital Marketing Campaigns

You can tweak your digital marketing campaigns faster, and there is more room for improvement with advanced product sequencing. Let’s say you are running a campaign for Valentine’s Day. You can sequence your products by the colour red or any other attribute that is vital to your campaign. You could also easily change the hero product by pinning it or simply dragging and dropping the desired product to the top.

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A Glance at the Benefits Advanced Merchandising Offers

  • Offers customised listing page sequencing through various tags.
  • It’s dynamic – automatically updates new products.
  • It saves time, improves productivity and manual efforts.
  • Flexible, easy, intuitive and intelligent, giving you more control.
  • Allows you to execute your merchandising strategy seamlessly, effectively and efficiently.
  • It generates interest by giving the customers what they want.
  • It stops the customers from leaving your e-commerce platform, improving the bounce rate.
  • It facilitates instant sequencing. Everything happens in a few seconds.
  • Allows for product boosting. You can promote or demote your products in no time.
  • Allows for visual curation of products based on performance insights.

Improved merchandising improved product discovery

Tagalys helps retailers improve their merchandising ability which in turn improves the product discovery of their visitors. As they discover more products of interest, more likely is they make a purchase. The conversion rate of the eCommerce store thus depends on the merchandising ability it has. As the conversion rate increases, it also reduces customer acquisition costs (CAC). 

Apart from these benefits, merchandising solutions like Tagalys increases productivity by offering intuitive tools that literally finish the job within seconds.

Go For It!

Tagalys’ eCommerce merchandising solutions offer you the chance to utilise the potential of advanced product sequencing for your e-commerce platform. To understand how to go about it, all you need to do is schedule a demo.

There are many reasons to opt for advanced product sequencing, none to give it a miss. It is a must to improve your online merchandising strategy if you want more add-to-cart-actions, higher product discovery, lower bounce rate and a better CTR.