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Data-Driven Search Results

Leverage the insights from your BigCommerce store data to continuously improve product sorting.

Search Results Merchandising

Pin trending or promoted products on the first page of results

Popular & Pinned Searches

They provide an immediate Call to Action. Aggregate the highest volume search queries to display the top 10 searches or pin specific search terms to promote business needs

Intuitive Suggestions

Auto-complete trending product & text suggestions to drive more clicks and conversions


Help your visitors always discover trending search results, no matter what they call them. Cell phone vs. Mobile phone, Trouser vs. Pant, Full Sleeve vs. Long Sleeve

Query Stemming, Spell Check & Fuzzy Suggestions

Your visitors especially on mobile are guaranteed to make mistakes. Autocorrect spelling mistakes to save your visitors the trouble when typing on the go.

Personalized Search Results

Collect & analyze click-stream data by a visitor to sort search results by products of interest to that specific visitor.

Partial Search Results

Suggest the closest alternatives when there are ‘No Results’ for the exact match.

Location Trending Results

Collect & analyze click-stream data by location to sort search results by products trending across that location.

‘No Results’ Recommendations

Display pre-defined product recommendations for every ‘No results’ query to increase visitor engagement and CTR.

Detailed Reporting

Get access to detailed reports like the Click & Conversion & No results search reports. Gain insights into demand data at your store to determine sourcing or merchandising decisions.

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