Smart App Banner for Shopify iOS and Android mobile applications

| Shane

Architechpro Team is constantly improving functionality for mobile applications you’re using to boost your business and attract more customers. Today we would like to make you aware of another great product of our partners. Architechpro developed a top-notch product that will lead more customers from the website to your beloved mobile apps. In case you have any questions please contact Architechpro Team and they’ll get back to help you out with any concerns you may have. 

smart app banner

Here are 5 top reasons to install Mobile Smart App Banner to your Shopify Store now: 

1. Improve conversions

Did you ever think what happens once you target customers? They visit your website… maybe like the product you sell and eventually decide to buy it a bit later as they’re currently busy doing other stuff. Mobile app banner will lead them directly to the respective store whether it’s an iOS or Android-based device and BAM…  they’re on the hook, you can easily contact them and follow up on the deal. A mobile app is a kind of bookmark or reminder that stays on the screen of the customer’s mobile device. 

2. Stand out with custom design

When you’re stumbling upon numerous webpages on the web, did you ever notice such a banner? Well… usually, those are shown by big and famous brands, isn’t it? Now you can afford it as well and make it stand out via adding your own icon (or request this service from our partner) – pitchy title and a short description.  

3. Stats are important: Track each visit and constantly improve


Yes, you can see when where and who clicked on the banner and installed the app. Of course, you can see only the information systems can currently share with all GDPR related restrictions. But the stats we have are already a good source of information to make better and informed decisions.  

4. Be on top of the tech

As mentioned before mostly big and well-known brands are adding this feature to the front webpage of their store/project. Fake it until you make it. Invest small and get more customers.

5. Get outstanding support

You know Architechpro and we are very interested to provide you with a top-notch and fast support. Be sure you’re not just our customer but a golden customer and both teams are there for help. 

That’s all for now, folks! 

In case you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us or Architechpro via