Online Retailer Conference & Expo Round-up 2022: Insights from Australia’s Largest eCommerce Event

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The Australian eCommerce market is expected to register a CAGR of 13.7% during 2022-2027. Events like Online Retailer Conference & Expo Conference & Expo play a vital role in further facilitating this growth and providing retailers and brands with solutions to grow their business.

Considered as Australia’s biggest eCommerce event, the Conference offered the perfect networking opportunity for eCommerce brands and retailers to connect with global leaders, explore the latest technology, and find solutions for their business.

What is Online Retailer Conference & Expo?

The Online Retailer Conference & Expo by Australia Post is Australia’s largest and the most happening eCommerce event. Leading eCommerce brands, marketers, and retailers engage in this event from various industries, including Fashion and Apparel, B2B Services, Games, Personal and Recreational Goods, and more.

The event features a plethora of learning and networking opportunities, including workshops, curated content, panel discussion, and awards. Besides, Online Retailer Conference & Expos can network with global leaders and explore cutting-edge solutions for their business.

Who Participated in the Online Retailer Conference & Expo Conference?

Over 130+ brands exhibited the latest technology to help eCommerce owners in various aspects of their business. Some brightest names included Adobe, Algolia, BigCommerce, eBay Australia, Klaviyo,, and more.

Additionally, there were three new highlights to the event this year:

  1. Meet the speaker panel, where attendees connected with the most brilliant minds in the industry
  2. Retail Foundations Stage for micro-businesses or sole traders 
  3. Keynotes and panels on how B2B is moving towards a digital future

Tagalys participated in the Online Retailer Conference & Expo, 2022, and here are key takeaways from this notable event.

Tagalys’ Participation

The Online Retailer Conference & Expo exceeded the expectations and provided an incredible exposure to Tagalys. Not only this, but the opportunity to connect with merchants, implementation partners and prospective clients in-person was truly invaluable. 

Tagalys showcased their core offerings in the visual merchandising space and two things that piqued interest the most were:

  • Saving time with visual merchandising

Tagalys allows retailers to save up to 80% of their merchandising time and enhance shopper engagement. By automating manual merchandising, retailers can boost productivity and influence buying decisions.

  • Performance Alerts

One of Tagalys’ latest features, Performance Alerts, allows retailers to track eCommerce metrics like traffic and click-through rates. Thus, instead of generating reports and waiting till after the campaign is wrapped up, Performance Alerts enables retailers to proactively evaluate merchandising effectiveness. 

Key Learnings and Observations

After being in lockdown for the last couple of years, Online Retailer Conference & Expo provided a fantastic opportunity to network with the best minds in the industry. Besides, here are Tagalys’ key highlights from the event:

  • In-person Networking and Productive Conversations

Meeting people face-to-face has to be one of the best parts of Online Retailer Conference & Expo 2022. The energetic vibes, bustling events, and enriching conversations were invaluable. By interacting with the best minds in the industry, some trends observed in the eCommerce space were sustainability, customer experience, use of digital channels in B2B to acquire customers, and more.

  • Insightful Tech Talks

There were 17 tech talks by leading eCommerce brands including Shopify Plus and, and covered topics that assist retailers in improving their business. Some topics included “The SEO & Content Game-Changers to Grow Your Rankings”, “6 Productivity Tips for Retail Marketers”, and “How to Turn Peak Traffic Into Peak Sales”.

  • Live Podcasts

Finally, the live podcasts were yet another insightful session where industry leaders shared their wisdom, providing retailers a deep understanding of innovation in retail. Some topics were “Product Meta Data – The Untrapped Goldmine of Ecommerce Conversion and Product Discovery”, “The next frontier of CX – Endless Aisle”, and “Decoding Gen Z – Next-Gen Connection”.

“Online Retailer Conference & Expo is a goldmine for ecommerce brands and retailers. From insightful conversation, to exploring latest tech solutions, endless networking opportunities, and learning from global leaders all under one roof – there’s something for everyone” opines Nivetha Krishnamoorthy, Customer Experience Lead at Tagalys. 

Overall, this event was incredibly valuable for every eCommerce brand as it allowed networking with the best minds in the industry, explore latest tech, and discover business solutions and get to know prospective clients and competitors. We’re looking forward to the event in 2023!