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Tagalys is a predictive merchandising tool for eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento. Tagalys dynamically lists products that are more likely to sell across eCommerce product listing pages, Site Search & Recommendations. Merchants using Tagalys have increased their conversion rate by 30% and productivity by 60%. We offer custom pricing to suit merchants of all sizes based on their exact business requirements. Sign up and kick start your 28-day free trial now!

A quick comparison between UNBXD & Tagalys*

Monthly pricing starts @
Site Search**$99 (per 10K visitors who search)
Product Listing Pages 


$249 (per 20K Product Listing Page visitors)
Product Recommendations$149 (per 25K visitors who load Recommendations)
Ideal for
**Retailers with annual online revenue between $1M to $50M
Site Search
Conversion Optimised Search results  
Popular/Trending Searches** 
Typo/Spell Check  
Search Suggestions   
Visual Autocomplete  
Search Redirects  
Query Stemming  
Partial Search Matches  
Boosting Rules (Universal)  
Product Pinning (Hero Products)**
Targeting X
Product Listing Pages Merchandising
Conversion Optimised Sorting  
Product Sequencing (Basic) ** 
Product Sequencing (Advanced)
Listing Page Generator  x ✓ (Patent Pending) 
Universal Boosting  
Product Pinning (Hero Products)
Product Pinning (Scheduling) **
Personalized Store x
Listing Pages Personalisationx
A/B Testing x
Product Recommendations
Personalized Recommendations
Best Sellers / Most Viewed / Most Popular
Similar Products
Cart Page Recommendations
Customizable Recommendations**
Embeddable Recommendationsx
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Why should you switch to Tagalys?

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Why merchants love Tagalys?

Tagalys wins comfortably over other products in terms of onboarding, customer support, ease of use and most importantly, value for money that increases your marketing ROI. So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to Tagalys today.

Sign up for a free 28-day trial of Tagalys and we take care of the rest! You can also schedule a demo here to know more about Tagalys.

*Comparison as on December 18, 2019 
**Data publicly not available as on December 18, 2019