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How to win over shoppers this Easter 2023?

March 14, 2023


Easter weekend is the first significant holiday after Christmas when retailers get the golden window of opportunity to boost their sales. Just before the Easter weekend, consumer spending tends to increase, and online retailers can up their marketing strategies during this period. When executed with the right approach, Easter has amazing potential as a sales season. According to an NRF study, average Easter spending by Americans has increased from $140.62 in 2015 to  $179.70 in 2021. Similarly in the UK, retail spending on Easter has increased from 774 million GBP in 2017 to 1.22 billion GBP in 2021 with a linear growth throughout the years. eCommerce businesses can use this opportunity to engage with their customers in a creative, fun, and celebrative way as Easter is all about shops overflowing with brightly painted and chocolate-filled eggs, cute rabbits popping out of the store shelves, beautiful floral decorations all around, and summer peeping in — Easter it is.In this article, we bring you interesting ways to win over shoppers this Easter.

1. Launching Easter special promotions

Holiday times are one of the busiest periods and retailers have to plan meticulously to make the most of the sales event.  Offers, discounts, and promos are key to drive any holiday sales, and planning ahead of the Easter weekend can boost sales. Easter special promotions reduce the likelihood of cart abandonment as discounts and deals encourage shoppers to complete their orders. To avoid any chaotic experience, efficient merchandising planning should be done that facilitates retailers to run a promotion campaign effectively. For instance, online retailers can boost ecommerce based on certain trends, seasons, themes, and more for a particular duration across an online store. This automation not only saves time and effort but also reduces manual errors which are difficult to identify and manage for a large collection store.

2. Optimize mobile experience for Easter collections

Optimizing an online store for a mobile-friendly experience can positively impact sales. The majority of shoppers tend to shop through smartphones. According to Shopify,  By 2024, the value of mobile commerce is anticipated to reach $620.97 billion. Also, mobile devices would contribute nearly half (42.9%) of all purchases made through e-commerce . Convenience of mobile shopping, extensive mobile payment options, and customer satisfaction are some of the key factors that drives the mobile commerce. For instance, Vajro, a mobile app builder for eCommerce brands, enables Shopify owners to convert their web stores to native mobile apps that enrich the mobile shopping experience for customers.  Ensuring your product listings are optimized for the mobile experience as well as product descriptions with Easter-related keywords will lead to higher visibility and thereby improve conversions.


3. Promote cross-selling and up-selling through recommendations

Cross-selling and up-selling are great revenue-boosting options if done correctly. Upselling involves suggesting higher-end products, better versions, or models to customers that might better fulfil their needs and add more value at a slightly higher price point. Cross-selling displays products the customer might also like and complement their first purchase. eCommerce brands have to surpass the expectations of customer needs and display products relevant to their search and avoid being pushy or too salesly. Using product recommendations relevant to a visitor's requirement, online merchants can promote cross-selling and up-selling during the Easter weekend with the right strategy suitable to their brand.

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4. E-mail marketing

Email marketing is an efficient way to reach Easter customers and ensure to stand out from the competition this Easter season. Planning in advance on creating Easter-themed newsletters including content around celebrations, upcoming campaigns, and customer-centric special discounts will help in making the most of the opportunity. Some of the details that any holiday special email marketing should consider include personalization in the emails, responsive email templates, and being empathetic about the special occasion and not salesly. eCommerce-tailored email marketing automation platforms like Omnisend allow brands to save time with highly-relevant emails and texts. Using a creative approach that helps to build a brand reputation and foster customer loyalty, online retailers can use email marketing to help customers to make the most of their products.

5. Focus on customer service

A smooth customer experience can be achieved if there is a proactive approach toward solving your customers’ issues. Focusing on customer service is crucial during any holiday season as it bridges the gap between a business and its customers. It retains the existing customers, and builds loyalty among new customers. In addition to giving customers a happy Easter vibe, it's essential to ensure prompt delivery, stock availability, and appropriate response to their queries in order to build a long-term loyalty bond.

6. Offer customers BNPL

Buy Now Pay Later is a payment solution that has helped retailers increase their sales volume and average cart size as it has grown in popularity with the flexibility it provides to consumers. As per a study report,  in 2022, there were 360 million BNPL users globally and is expected to grow to more than 900 million by 2027. Around 75% of these customers are either Gen Z or millennials. Offering BNPL solutions to customers during a festive period like Easter 2023 facilitates ease of payment, and checkout process and thereby increases revenue.

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7. Collaboration with influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the top digital marketing strategies. It involves Social media influencers having a large audience and follower base that drives traffic and engagement. Making it a part of the marketing strategy well ahead of the season would make it feasible but finding the right influencers could be a possible challenge. This Easter season retailers can collaborate with influencers from their niche to launch creative Easter marketing campaigns such as Easter giveaways, limited-time offers, and season-specific products. This will boost brand visibility, engage the target audience, and generate traffic to your online store.

Egg-cited for this Easter?

The Easter weekend holiday is a golden window opportunity for eCommerce businesses to drive their sales. Online retailers can consider the discussed ways while planning for an Easter marketing strategy. From optimizing an online store for a mobile-friendly experience to strategically placing products for higher visibility, there are several ways to stay ahead of the competition. Creating a successful Easter marketing strategy with the right solutions can positively impact sales. At Tagalys, we facilitate eCommerce brands to boost conversions and increase visitor engagement through online visual merchandising.  Using our data-driven insights and relevant product recommendations, online retailers can promote their cross-selling and up-selling. To know more about our solutions and features, get in touch with us now.

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