How to Optimize Conversion Rate with Text Marketing as an eCommerce Marketer?

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Azat Eloyan is a digital marketer and mobile marketing enthusiast. With over 5 years of experience in content marketing and SEO, he believes that valuable and informative content is key. He is currently working for SendSMS which provides SMS marketing services globally.

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Things have changed so quickly in internet marketing, and all of a sudden, we now find ourselves in a sphere where mobile-first has completely taken over. This development has further made customer engagement easier and better. All the changes happening have, however, not shaken SMS marketing from its place as one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Thankfully, it is also one of the least disruptive marketing channels that any business can adopt to communicate with their customers about their products.

Despite being referred to as a “boring,” “traditional” marketing medium, SMS is by no means showing any sign of decline in its efficacy level. When used properly, mass text messaging still has a capacity of teleporting your business to an incredible new height.

With the drop in the price of mobile devices, almost every consumer now owns a mobile device. This means that businesses constantly need to adjust their approach so that it fits the ever-changing needs of their customers.

The trends are clear indications that SMS marketing is not going anywhere soon. With that in mind, every eCommerce marketer needs to up their game to optimize conversion rates in text marketing. Here are a few actionable tips that you can adopt to improve your SMS marketing strategy for optimized conversion.

Proper Timing of Marketing Text Messages

We can’t emphasize this point enough. No matter the content of your text marketing campaign, the timing of your texts can either pull your targets towards you or push them away. 

Analyzing the behavior of your customers and the market play a long role in helping you understand when your audience will be disposed to receive your text. This will, in turn, help you to experience a boost in your interaction with your audience.

Note that there is no one-fits-all strategy as far as this is concerned. Each industry is different, and there is a need for you to do proper research to know the best timing for you. 

The point is that you should know the best time to send messages to your customers. For instance, as a restaurant owner, you would want to time your promotional messages to come in a few minutes before lunchtime or just when people are preparing for dinner. This requires some research from you, but it is worth the effort.

Make The Purchase Process as Seamless as Possible

Every text message marketing campaign comes with its purpose. For instance, it might be to increase brand awareness, get traffic to your website of drive conversion. Hence, you need to ensure the optimization of your content so that it achieves the goal you’ve set for it. 

The best approach here is to ensure that each objective has an incentive that your customers can benefit from. If you want to convert your customers, then you must make the process as seamless as possible. If you are adding a call to action to your campaign, ensure that it involves a process they can understand and handle.

Stealthily Incorporate as Many Promotions As Possible Into Your Text Message

Forget the 160 character limit. You can go over it with most bulk SMS tools. Today, several top-notch SMS gateways allow you to send long-form messages. Don’t be carried away by the removal of character count limitation. You still want to keep your messages short enough not to discourage readers. 

In the brevity of your message, however, you can still link it up to incentives, especially if you want to achieve a more positive reaction to your text messages. As a matter of necessity, you will need to teach the results of your campaign using reliable analytical tools. The presence of promotions in your text message campaign would make your customers anticipate your messages, and this has a way of preparing them psychologically to be receptive to your 

Keep Things Personal and Customized

Irrespective of the class of customers that you are targeting, you still want to keep your messages as personalized as possible. Indeed, it is still bulk SMS, but that doesn’t take away the need for personalization.

Experts suggest that customization brings the personal feel to your message, spiking brand engagement, and an increase in sales. This is where the use of surveys and other analytical tools to understand your customers comes into play. When you send content that reflects the interests and needs of your customers, it gives the feeling that you’ve taken the time to curate information for them alone.

There you have it, a few actionable strategies that can potentially turn your SMS marketing campaign from what it is to what you desire. They are very straightforward and simple to adopt. Take advantage of them today to optimize your marketing campaign.