Fail-proof ways to boost eCommerce sales & hit your targets

| Avran

The digital universe has seen the mushrooming of several eCommerce stores in the past few years. It is estimated that there are approximately 12-24 million eCommerce stores to cater to more than 2.05 billion digital buyers! Clearly, it is a ripe opportunity.

Resultantly, everyone is gearing up to learn one thing – how to increase online sales fast!

As the competition in this sector heats up, there is a growing emphasis on the “how to increase online sales” part. Accordingly, there is a marked demand for actionable insights into how to increase eCommerce sales.

Luckily, we have just the right thing. Here are some tried and tested tips:

Start with a 30- or 60-day Marketing Burst.

If you are just getting started and wondering “how to increase sales” then the 30- or 60-day Marketing Burst helps you build momentum. It follows a typical cycle of taking hold, immersion, reshaping, consolidation, and refinement to gain traction amongst the low-hanging opportunities.

Develop a marketing strategy

After the success of your marketing bursts, you must be looking for more sustainable ways on how to improve online sales. Fortunately, the marketing burst offers a jumping-off point to build and fortify a long-term marketing strategy. Ideally, a marketing strategy must contain a mix of SEO, paid marketing, and platform marketing.

However, one of the best ways to increase eCommerce sales is through an optimized product listing page. Displaying trending products on your homepage is a sure shot way to boost sales. It allows you to reel in the clients right from the moment they visit your website from the many marketing channels.

Engage your customers using content

When looking for how to improve eCommerce sales, one should never underestimate the role of content marketing. Content, in various forms, can be an excellent way to generate interest in your brand and establish a brand presence.

So whether you are publishing blog posts or carrying out an outreach program through emails, keep the content refreshing and engaging. Since personalization is the latest buzzword in the industry, you can increase eCommerce sales by incorporating dynamic product recommendations in the content to curate a memorable customer experience.

Involve Social Media platforms

Still wondering, “How to boost sales?” Get social!

Social selling is the quickest way to get your eCommerce store in the limelight. Make use of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest to advertise your product/service and link these to your store.

Think outside the box

Standard marketing and advertising efforts, such as sales and discounts, will only make you a name in the crowd. However, if you wish to increase sales on your eCommerce store, then you need to break out of the mold.

Get creative, hold contests, giveaways, collaborate with other brands, or tie-up with influencers – there are several ways to get more customers! Observe your competitor eCommerce stores and their strategy to increase sales, and give it your own twist.


Now that you have a solid understanding of how to get more sales online, you know that your eCommerce store is the first place to work on. Just a couple of performance tweaks to your store or marketing strategies can reap several rewards. Essentially, when you grant your customers direct access to your products through merchandising or product recommendations, your product will do the talking and selling itself!