Why do retailers show popular or trending search terms at their online store?

| Antony

Time is finite, but we are running out of it at a faster pace these days. With the rise of mobile-first engagement, almost every website or application wants a piece of your visitor’s time. They who have grabbed the mind share of the consumer, have a higher probability of gaining wallet or consumer spend share. So online retailers are not only competing with each other but every single mobile application on your visitor’s phone, that wants consumer attention. So basically, you have about 20~30 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention before they leave due to a mobile notification that calls for their attention.

When visitors walk into your online store, there are 3 potential paths they choose. Browse an eCommerce Category page or Search. While there are merchandising tools that help improve engagement across product listing pages, how do you engage with first-time visitors at your site who use the eCommerce onsite search funnel?

Benefits of Pinned and Popular Searches

These first-time visitors who Search are most likely here, as a result of your marketing campaign. They might not have the intent to buy today, but here to quickly discover products that are of interest to them at your online store. ‘Popular searches’ are a great way to grab their attention, as these visitors get an understanding of what is popular in your store. Every interaction with your online store, every click is one step closer to their full engagement. ‘Popular searches’ help new visitors engage with your store, reducing bounce.

Target Popular searches

‘Popular searches’ as the term mean is an aggregation of the most popular search terms at your online store over a period of time. It gives you a pulse of what the visitors are seeking at your store. This is the voice of your customer. ‘Popular searches’ are more applicable to the product discovery phase of a visitor. Hence this feature is also used by merchants to promote other search terms as a result of internal marketing requirements. For example, as we approach Halloween, it might take 30 days for the popular Halloween search terms to update into the popular search terms, but retailers can pin search terms and change what is displayed as popular searches to your external visitors.

Pinned searches

Online merchants use popular & pinned searches to control visitor experience in Site Search. This feature makes an impact on first-time visitors as second-time visitors are more likely to search & find something they have in mind. The metric to quantify to evaluate if this is adding value to your online store is the bounce rate of first-time visitors in the site search funnel.

You can book a demo with Tagalys to learn more about this feature and understand if this is right for you.