Here’s why automated Merchandising for eCommerce is the next best thing

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In just the first 3 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, online sales jumped by 31% in the United States alone! With the fear of contracting the virus, people are not falling back on their old shopping habits, which involved visiting brick and mortar stores. Instead, they are shopping online (even those who weren’t before). The accelerated rise of eCommerce has begun.

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With the right eCommerce merchandising strategy, your online store can start buzzing with new orders! This is a great time for the e-commerce market.  If you are an online retailer, you can make it even greater through eCommerce merchandising automation. This is the best time to make the switch. Here’s why.

Benefits of Automated Merchandising For eCommerce

Here are some ways in which automating online retail merchandising can help:

1. Higher Productivity & Efficiency

Merchandising for eCommerce, when done manually, involves tiresome, repetitive tasks that are time-consuming. Automating them frees up your time so you can utilize it for other important processes.

2. Eliminates Manual Errors

If you do manual merchandising, it may be prone to human errors. Over time, these human errors will damage your business. Automating merchandising is the savior you need.

3. Better Goal Optimization

Whatever goal you set, be it higher lead generation, more conversations, a higher CTR, lower bounce rate, lower customer acquisition costs, or anything else, automated merchandising can help.

4. Adaptable to Any Marketing Strategy

Do you want to showcase party dresses ahead of New Year’s Eve or gifts and decorations ahead of Christmas? Do you want to show discounted products at the top? With just one click, you can tweak your product pages using the power of marketing automation. This speeds up the implementation, experimentation, and review processes.

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Smart Listing Page Management & Intelligent Product Recommendations

Automated eCommerce merchandising is smart about grouping products to different categories or collections. Just by using data insights, it can help with the regular grouping of products, most importantly, in the categories of “New Arrivals” and “Bestsellers” in just a few seconds!

Another great upside or having eCommerce merchandising automation is that it offers the “Product Recommendations” widget based on the data that is collected from user behavior. These recommendations are more effective in achieving conversions as the data collected capture what your customers want and then implements those insights for more sales. This can also help your upselling and cross-selling strategies. It helps in improving the online shopping experience and is similar to marketing automation.

What eCommerce Challenges Can Automation Help With?

  • Product sorting: You can sort the products, with the help of automation, to make them conversion-optimized. With just a few clicks, you can see your ideas come to life — without any extra tech support! Tags and data like trending score, color, price, product type, etc. can be used to sort products on your website.


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  • Campaign-specific product positions: Do you have more women shoppers than men? Do you want to run a campaign to push your products to them? Or do you have some other campaign in mind to boost sales? Any campaign-specific product positioning can be done in no time with automation. What a relief!
  • Product sequencing to promote discoverability: Sequence your products to interest your customers. Showcase product diversity, promote product discoverability. You don’t need to do it manually, let data intelligence help.
  • Promotion or demotion of products based on margins: Promote high-margin products, demote those that are not helping the balance sheet, dynamically. With eCommerce marketing automation (a part of automated merchandising), doing this will be a breeze! You don’t have to use a  different eCommerce marketing software for it.
  • Global Sort Options (GSO): Bulk apply your merchandising strategy to a large number of pages and widgets instantly.

Automate eCommerce Merchandising Today With Tagalys

Future-focused online retailers have already automated eCommerce merchandising with Tagalys’ solutions for Magento and Shopify. Unleash the power of human + machine intelligence to boost your online store. Offer an enhanced online shopping experience.

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1. What is the future of eCommerce?

Automated online merchandising, powered by data intelligence and state-of-the-art technologies, is what lies in the future of eCommerce.

2. How is automated merchandising better than manual merchandising?

Automated merchandising is not prone to human errors, offers higher efficiency, saves time, and is intuitive.

3. What are the advantages of automated merchandising?

Automated merchandising saves time, boosts productivity, and offers more control over the visual appeal of your eCommerce store. It can be synced with any eCommerce merchandising strategy and offers actionable data insights.

4. Where is eCommerce marketing automation primarily used? What are its benefits?

It’s used to execute, automate, measure, and manage marketing tasks to increase sales. The benefits are improved visitor engagement, increased marketing efficiency, data insights, etc.

5. What is the best eCommerce merchandising software?

While there are many, using Tagalys allows you to align your marketing campaigns with your online store, putting your marketing strategy in execution.