Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to keep up with the Growing Sector in 2020

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eCommerce Marketing strategies

Everything evolves with time, be it us humans or technology everything is co-dependent and tends to change with time. During the era of no internet, people used to do all their daily life chores by stepping out of their homes and doing it without the help of the internet. But the time is no more the same, today everything and everyone runs with the internet and a device that supports it.

You want to sit back at home doing Netflix & chill craving for the Chinese from your favorite restaurant? Viola, all you need to do is to grab your phone and order food online. This is why online marketing is the favorite of all. E-commerce marketing is the other name for online marketing.

Setting an e-commerce marketing platform is not difficult. It is an easy process, but maintaining and keeping it popular amongst the people is a task that requires a lot of hard work. Since there are a lot of competitors in the market doing the same business; thus, an online store needs to keep up with the new marketing strategies.

Further, in this blog, we will learn about e-commerce and its strategies to keep your business running best in the market. 

What is E-commerce Marketing?

eCommerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing means when you drive customers to your online store for buying or purchasing of goods. It is a place that is expanding itself, and almost everyone is getting benefits out of e-commerce. Be it a consumer or a business person, everybody is at a profit.

The online-stores can easily reach out to the customers via the digital medium such as social media or email marketing etc. to sell their products and engage with them. The e-commerce website selling groceries or apparel is not only the most successful. All e-commerce websites are considered win-win. Whether it is a B2B or a B2C, every e-commerce is trending and tends to do well in the business.

There will be thousands of customers visiting your webpage, but not all will turn into a conversion. You need to optimize your website in such a way that it fulfills the needs of the customers without any hassle. 

The Rise of E-commerce marketing 

eCommerce was first introduced by CompuServe in the late ’90s. It was used by a dial-up connection, but if you talk about an eCommerce that sold the products to the people was in 1982 when Boston Computers found an online computer exchange. 

The e-commerce industry was still growing, and a few businesses came and went until the launch of the first browser Netscape Navigator. 

Just after the launch of this web browser, the e-commerce industry changed forever, because Jeff Bezos launched ‘AMAZON’ in 1995. Amazon has changed the online marketing world forever. Amazon was launched as a B2C online store. 

Soon after, eBay and Alibaba were launched as B2B and C2C market platforms. 

But that was not just it. Online purchasing needed an online transaction platform. Thus, Elon Musk introduced PayPal to the world. 

Now not just online stores needed a way to reach out to the customers to advertise their products and the brand. Therefore Google brought in Adwords in 2000. Via Google Ads people started online ad campaigns and reached out to the people more effectively and efficiently. 

The e-commerce industry has evolved so much now. Many social media platforms are e-commerce friendly as Instagram launched shoppable posts in 2017.

How E-Commerce is Ruling the World?

Even if e-commerce was launched by the generation-x but the most use of this industry is made by the Millenials. With time eCommerce has made a very strong place in the market. Now people can shop for whatever they want sitting on the couches just by the use of mobile and internet. 

These are some facts about E-Commerce marketing that can amaze you and let you know the importance of e-commerce industries around the globe. 

Strategies to keep eCommerce Marketing Game Strong

It is very important to keep welcoming new ideas to keep your game strong. Creating and launching of an eCommerce might seem easy but maintain a platform 

a) Content Strategy

ecommerce content strategy

You must have heard about it that content is the king, and it really is! Relevant and attractive content can do wonders. A 50% discount can attract more customers than the word ‘Sale’.

Content is everything, whether you want to rank your web page in search engines or you want to get more people to your webpage you can do it on the basis of good content. As a lot of marketers say ‘Bribe them with the Words.’

b) Marketing Automation Tools

marketing automation tools

Marketing automation tools are here in the market to make your workflow painless. As the internet world is expanding so does the customers are getting more involved in the online activities. Therefore, you need some software that can manage all your workflow and lessen it so that you can reduce all the manual work.

There are many marketing automation software that helps e-commerce to get the best outcomes. Whether it is about sending notifications or getting customer behavior by various analytical reports. Whether it is about managing customer information in CRM or it is about market segmentation. Marketing automation does it all for you.

c) A/B Testing

It is a way of testing the different likes and preferences of people by creating two different versions of your webpage. This is the best way to know if a particular thing is working for your customers or not.

eCommerce A/B Testing

Suppose you are e-commerce and you want to a/b testing to a blue shirt by Adidas. In one variant you can apply ‘A Blue Shirt by Adidas’ and in another, you added an extra phrase which says ‘Only few left. Hurry!’ You will notice that the urgency created can give out a better outcome.

 d) Email Marketing

Many marketers think that emails are not necessary can they tend to ignore sending them to the customers. But emails should always be sent to the customers at the right time, whenever there is a new update or there is any recent activity.

eCommerce Email Marketing

Regularly sending emails to the customers keeps them engaged and sometimes the emails about deals and discounts can bring traffic to the online stores.  Email marketing is the way to engage customers by sending them regular notifications.

e) Remarketing

The image below can describe remarketing the best. It is a way of engaging your customers by showing them the ads about the products they searched for when they visited your webpage.

Remarketing in e-commerce

According to many facts remarketing can get sales up by 32%. It is also known as behavioral targeting because it acts upon the user’s interaction with the internet. This is the best form of advertisement that e-commerce can use to increase their conversion goals.

f) Product Recommendations

It is the best way to increase sales and profit for a brand. eCommerce product recommendations entice the customer’s willingness to buy. There is always a possibility that people will buy the recommended product which can lead to increase sales for the product.

upselling in eCommerce

The recommended products are basically the ad-on that a user might need in the coming future. Thus, the seller induces the user to buy all the products all at once to increase their sales. 

g) Social Media

There are 24 hours in a day out of which 8-13 hours are spent on social media platforms by the people around the world. This is a platform where people spend most of their time and there is no better platform than social media to engage with people.

e commerce social media

You can advertise on social platforms and attract more customers to your webpage.

If you are a brand, you must create a profile on every social media platform to connect with your customers and give them regular updates to keep them engaged. Now Instagram has launched shoppable posts, in which the eCommerce can post the picture, wherein people can redirect to the online-stores to buy stuff.


The E-commerce platform is the big giant in the marketplace that is benefiting both the consumers and the business people. If you implement these strategies into your webpage you will get incredible results in your e-commerce game. 

It is marketing that is very cost-effective and efficient. You don’t require a lot of monetary value to create yourself an online store. Irrespective of your business, whether large scale or small scale all requires a lot of strategies to get on the top. 

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