7 ways to automate your eCommerce store & derive improved results

| Avran

How do I make my eCommerce business successful? At some point, we’ve all pondered over this question.

When you observe successful eCommerce stores, you will notice that it is strategy and scalability that get a small-time business out from a garage and onto the global stage. As your venture thrives and expands, you would need to incorporate several changes to boost production while cutting down costs. One of the easiest ways to maintain scalability and profitability, especially in the long run, is automation.

Automation in e-commerce streamlines your standard workflows and improves business efficiency. Most importantly, it frees up valuable resources so that you can dedicate them to core business processes. Here are seven automation ideas that eCommerce stores must embrace to register success:

Customer Experience and Support

At present, CX or Customer Experience reigns supreme and can make or break a store. Hence, the first step should be to incorporate website automation for shaping CX. Whether it is to run campaigns to reward and attract your loyal customers or use chatbots to address customer queries, automation should be your first line of defense.

Product Cataloging


Managing product catalog can be difficult when you have a vast and extensive line of products. Further, the catalog is subject to changes in price, availability, specifications, etc.. Fortunately, stores can manage it seamlessly through eCommerce merchandising automation. A reliable tool can smartly manage listings and make intelligent product recommendations, making it a dual-edged sword that every eCommerce store must have!

Send Abandoned Cart reminders

Not everything that makes it to the cart will make it past checkout. Use automated systems to send cart abandonment push notifications or emails and encourage them to go ahead with the purchase. Moreover, when such campaigns receive a positive response, you can use campaign-specific product positioning to upsell other goods too!

Merchandising for sales automation


Naturally, as an eCommerce store, your primary purpose is to register sales. And according to a San Diego State University market research, businesses can effectively employ eCommerce merchandising to bump up their sales. An effective eCommerce merchandising strategy can improve efficiency, respond dynamically to marketing campaigns, sort products for maximum optimization, and more!

Automating payment options

Your payment process is the fine line between an abandoned cart and a successful purchase. eCommerce automation at this final stage could reward you handsomely. Use automation to make the payment process enjoyable and hassle-free. Does your customer have a preference for a specific payment gateway? Make it the default payment option and facilitate one-click payment to automate the checkout experience!

Audit & Inventory Management


Much like product cataloging and listing, managing inventory can be tedious and time-consuming as eCommerce stores grow and mature. You can automate this area through inventory management tools that capture and sync data across platforms using a centralized data repository.

Purchase Order automation

Based on the inputs from inventory management tools, eCommerce stores can set triggers for issuing purchase orders when the items are running out of stock. As a result, your suppliers will keep you well-stocked even at the peak of high volume sales!

Wrapping it up

eCommerce automation is the golden Midas’ touch that differentiates a successful store from a struggling counterpart.

Upon perusing over the seven ways to automate your eCommerce store, as listed above, you will notice that a dynamic merchandising solution addresses multiple areas in a single stroke! From helping your marketing campaigns to increasing revenue through sales,

eCommerce merchandising solutions, such as Tagalys, can help you reach all your goals!