Creating Product Listing Pages for Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce eCommerce Stores Using Smart Category Conditions

| Shane

In brick and mortar stores, you can see products arranged in separate aisles in categories. These are ‘Dresses’, ‘Tees on sale’, ‘New Arrivals’, ‘Under $50’, etc. This helps the visitors to quickly navigate to their desired aisles and start purchasing. Arranging the products in aisles also helps the retailers to manage and organize their inventory.

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Product Listing Pages

Similarly, in eCommerce stores, Product Listing Pages are nothing but the online aisles. They help visitors to discover and purchase products quickly based on their interests.

eCommerce Product Listing pages account for approximately 56% of product discovery within an online store. The remainder is shared by other channels namely Site Search and Product Recommendations. Considering this high potential of listing pages, It is essential for retailers to have unique and smart product listing pages.

Limitations in Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce

In Magento & BigCommerce creating pages like ‘New Arrivals’, ‘Sale’, requires a lot of human effort. The same is in the case of a Shopify store to open a minimum discount page.

The online merchandising team has to spend hours of time analyzing the entire catalog and pick and position the products on each page.

If the inventory size is large and if the retailer has too many product categories, the retailers are forced to spend more resources and time in creating & managing these pages.

They should also keep track of the inventory and update these pages if new products are added in the future. When compared to Magento, it is easier to create listing pages in Shopify. However, both the platform offers very limitedly merchandising capabilities and control to retailers.

Creating product listing pages using smart category conditions in Tagalys

Product Listing Pages in Tagalys(Smart conditions in Tagalys to create listing pages within a few clicks)


In Tagalys, pages like ‘Sale’ or ‘New Arrivals’ can be created and merchandised in less than a minute.

For example, the Tagalys conditions such as ‘Discount Amount’, ‘Discount Percentage’, ‘Introduced At’, ‘Sale Price’ etc can be used and desired pages can be created within a few clicks.


(Creating a custom ‘Sale’ page in 30 seconds using Tagalys)

Similarly, pages can also be created from attributes inherited from the Magento catalog. 

Apart from eliminating the manual effort in creating and managing pages, Tagalys pages also increase the store conversion upwards of 35%.

The products in all Tagalys powered pages are by default sorted by ‘Trending’ to optimize conversion.

In simple words, the products are automatically sorted in an order that is more likely to sell. Also, the Tagalys powered pages are dynamic and hence are likely to rank higher in organic search results in web search engines, thereby reducing the customer acquisition cost. 

Tagalys maximizes conversion rate & gives merchants visual control of products displayed in Site Search, Category Pages & Product Recommendations at their online store. To know more about our solutions and features, get in touch with us now.