How can you build intelligence from Site Search reports to improve Magento & Shopify eCommerce revenues?

| Avran

Imagine that your eCommerce store is a massive haystack of products. A potential customer lands on your eCommerce website looking for something specific — similar to finding a needle in the haystack! If they don’t find that, they will bounce off. So how do you ensure they find it? By powering your site search using smart solutions like Tagalys.

Building intelligence from search reports will work like looking into a mirror. It will help you judge the performance of your eCommerce website. It also tells you what your customers want. Did you know that visitors using search can make up for about 13.8% of a website’s eCommerce revenue? Visitors are also 1.8 times more likely to convert through product search!

So how do you build intelligence from site search reports to improve revenue in eCommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify?

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The road to building intelligence from eCommerce Site Search reports

1. Insights for better & smarter marketing campaigns

Site Search reports can help you improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. You can utilize two kinds of search data that can help in curating focused marketing plans.

  • Generic:
    • You’ll know what your audience is asking for.
    • Gives you details about your top searches.
    • Top searches can help you focus your marketing efforts around those products.
    • You’ll also know better what keywords to focus on to get more traffic.
    • This helps you reduce overall customer acquisition costs.
  • Localized
    • Tagalys gives you detailed insights about what type of product is the most searched for, for example, what type of dress, a maxi, a mini?
    • You’ll also know what is trending at what location. New York might want belts more, while Paris might want purses more.
    • You can know what type of product is preferred. For example, red or black dresses or blue jeans.
    • This allows for better campaign targeting and higher ROI.

2. ‘No Results’ search report

Tagalys tells you exactly what terms lead to the no results page. This helps you in your product sourcing efforts and reduces the search bounce rate.

By stocking the products that lead to the “no results” page, you can convert visitors who are currently bouncing off and meet wants. It is also a great way to stop losing potential customers to competitors.

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3. Reporting Non-Product queries

2% of searches from your potential customers and customers are about queries that are not related to products but product status (like order status, return, policy, etc.). Such search queries are resolution-aimed.

Site search reports can help you learn more about such queries and create URL redirects to show answers from the FAQs

This boosts customer satisfaction to a large extent, and that indirectly helps to increase eCommerce revenue.

Summary: How eCommerce Site Search reports can help?

  • They help you improve customer experience.
  • They decrease the search bounce rate.
  • The search intelligence leads to more effective targetted marketing campaigns.
  • They contribute to generating more eCommerce revenue for your eCommerce store.
  • They give you a better idea about what your customer wants, so you match the demand.
  • When all of these combine, site search reports-led actions contribute to a substantial eCommerce revenue growth.
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Leverage the power of Site Search with Tagalys

Tagalys‘s intelligent search solution can help you improve conversions by 30% and upwards. It’s not just fast or smart; it is optimized for conversions. increased its site search conversions by 82% by using Tagalys. You can make data-driven decisions using Tagalys to power-up your eCommerce store’s revenue.

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