E-commerce Sales Calendar AU [2022-23]: It’s Time to Crush Those Sale Targets

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The holiday season is inarguably one of the best times to maximize sales, boost website traffic, and build brand awareness.

Infact, online sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw a growth of 64% YOY in 2021; and November was the biggest online shopping month on record for South Australia.

Additionally, three-quarters of Australians will likely spend $500 to $5,000 on holidays in 2022, and the overall e-commerce revenue in the country is predicted to reach USD 32 Billion by 2023, making Australia a lucrative market for retailers and eCommerce brands to tap into.

While a holiday frenzy is a great way to grow an e-commerce business, successful retailers know the key to crushing those sales goals lies in planning in advance

Thus, this blog lists the most famous, shopper-favorite, and anticipated dates of 2022-23. It’ll help retailers plan marketing campaigns, brand messaging, and product launch or discounting strategies well in advance.

Australian Holiday Dates Retailers Must Capture (2022-23)

For every e-commerce retailer based out of Australia or catering to an Australian audience, these 16 year-round holiday dates are a perfect opportunity to grow their business.

1. Australia Day – January 26

On Australia Day, Australians commemorated the first fleet’s landing at Sydney Cove in 1788 and the declaration of British rule over Australia’s east coast at the time.

People of Australia celebrate this day with BBQs, boat rides, attending parades, participating in various contests, and more. 

On this official holiday, Australian retailers offer steal-worthy deals and discounts on a range of products.

 2. Click Frenzy – Dates Vary

This mega sale is not just incredibly famous but one of the most anticipated sales in Australia. Click frenzy is an e-commerce platform that centralizes the best offers from various retailers and offers shoppers a one-stop shop. 

In 2021, retailers saw an uplift of over 300% on their website on the first day of the event. And in 2022, there are 7 click frenzy sales sprees, including JuLove, Main Event, and more. Click Frenzy sales not only allow retailers to maximize sales but also position their brand in front of a large audience base.

3. End of the Financial Year – June 30

Australia’s financial year kicks off on July 1 and wraps up on June 30. This is the time of year when business owners wrap up their books, and retailers run clearance sales on high-ticket products, essentials, and more to make room for fresh stock. 

4. Prime Day – July 12

Every retailer knows they can’t miss Prime Day. This 48-hour sales frenzy is one of the biggest shopping events in Australia and other parts of the world. The prime day allows retailers to not just cash in on the opportunity but also gain massive brand exposure. 

5. Christmas in July – July 25

Christmas comes early in Australia, and gifts retailers an excellent time to cash in on the opportunity. This national holiday is celebrated by exchanging gifts, enjoying delectable cuisines, and soaking in the Christmas spirit.

6. Afterpay Day Sales – August 18-21

One of the busiest shopping weekends in the nation is this 4-day sales extravaganza. High-end and luxury brands provide significant discounts to entice new and returning customers to indulge in these four-day Afterpay Day deals. Besides offering substantial discounts, Afterpay Day Sales also allows customers to pay in four payments over six weeks.

7. Labor Day – Date Varies

Celebrated with fireworks, picnics, and other activities, Labor Day cherishes the enhanced condition of employees in Australia and recognizes the labor movement in general in the country. This federal holiday falls on the first Monday of October in New South Wales, South Australia, and ACT; the first Monday of May in Northern Territory and Queensland; and the second Monday of March in Tasmania and Victoria. 

The upcoming date of Labor Day is Oct. 3, 2022.

8. Diwali – October 24

Popularly known as the festival of lights, Diwali is a Hindu festival that’s popular in Australia. This seven-day festival honors the triumph of good over evil. Retailers should begin preparing for Diwali as consumers purchase delectable Indian sweets, traditional attire, lanterns, house décor, new apparel, gifts, and more during this week-long celebration.

9. Halloween – October 31

This spooky American celebration is getting quickly embraced in Australia, and retailers claim to see a 33% YOY increase in sales during Halloween in Australia. Besides kids trick-or-treating, this occasion makes a great time for retailers to boost profits and earn brand recognition.

10. Melbourne Cup – November 1

Popularly known as “the race that stops the nation”, the Melbourne Cup is a notable horse race in Australia. People love to shop hats, accessories, apparel, and more – a clear indicator for retailers to plan inventory in advance to capture shoppers’ attention.

11. Single’s day – November 11

The anti-Valentine’s day is known as Singles Day and celebrates solitude. Australians enjoy this day and celebrate by buying presents for friends, family, and themselves. As a result, retailers have an excellent chance to maximize sales as shoppers expect to see generous discounts from retailers.

12. Black Friday and Cyber Monday – November 25 and 28

These annual sales days are the most anticipated shopping sales that retailers can’t miss. Plus, smart shoppers mark their calendars and show up all set to splurge on their favorites during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Conceptualized in America, the two sales-friendly shopping days are spreading quickly across the globe like a forest fire, providing retailers a fantastic time to run campaigns and offer great deals to their customers. 

In fact, in 2021, Australians splurged on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, making the online purchase of the month grow by 55.6%, outperforming August 2020 by 7%.

13. Sofa Sunday – November 27

Often overlooked, Sofa Sunday falls after Black Friday and is a highly anticipated sales day. Shoppers are already in a holiday spirit and willing to shop till they drop. 

Also, since it falls on Sunday, most brick-and-mortar stores are closed, putting e-commerce stores in the limelight. In 2021 alone, 9.2 million Aussie households shopped online, spending a whopping $62.3bn.

14. Pre-Christmas Day – December 22-24

It’s no doubt that holiday spirit kicks in early as shoppers splurge on festive essentials and plan their celebrations in advance. This is a great time for retailers to seize the opportunity.

15. Christmas Eve – December 25

As the world celebrates the religious and cultural significance of the day, Christmas eve catches the best of the festive frenzy. Retailers experience a boom on Christmas Day and in the weeks beforehand.

16. Boxing Day – December 26

Boxing day is a public holiday and falls on the next day of Christmas. It’s a much-awaited and one of the most popular shopping events of the year. Even though the competition is stiff, retailers can still boost their sales by providing lucrative discounts and cash in on the opportunity.

Final Takeaway

Holiday sales seasons flush buyers with enthusiasm for grabbing the best deals on their favourite products. Be it jewelry, apparel, gadgets, shoes, or any other category, every e-commerce retailer can cash in on these much-awaited dates. 

Finally, planning in advance gives an edge as it helps to dodge the end-moment chaos and make the most out of these sales. Tagalys helps eCommerce retailers merchandise their stores for the holiday time by sorting products based on the holiday season, enhancing customer experience, and increasing sales. 

Partner with Tagalys and merchandise your stores for the festive time in the most effective way.

This blog post can be bookmarked and referred to from time to time to ensure Australian retailers are not missing out on key dates for their brands.