Visually merchandise your Shopify Collections instantly with product performance insights

Data-Driven Product Sorting

Leverage the insights from your Shopify store data to continuously improve product sorting

Product Sequencing

Instantly sequence products in any pattern to showcase diversity in your Shopify Collections

Product Boosting

Instantly promote or demote products across your Shopify store based on marketing needs

Drag & Drop Curation

Visually curate products in Shopify Collections with access to performance insights

And, much more...

Engage visitors & improve conversions from your Shopify Collections

Conversion Optimized

Collect & analyze click stream data across the Magento store to predict Category sorting basen on trending products

Visual Product

Promote or hide products on each Magento Category using a visual panel and a drag & drop tool.

Tag Boosting

Promote or demote products in Magento Categories, by using dynamic boosting. Influence sorting by picking tags to boost positive or negative.

Advanced Product

Automatically arrange one or many products in sequences, based on tags within a Magento Category. E.g., Every product should be from a unique brand.

Product Performance

Access each products historical performance details like views, add to carts & buys to assist in product curation.


Create personalized experience for each visitor based on click stream data. Showcase products that are personally relevant to each visitor