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Our Vision

Tagalys was built on the learnings of building & scaling an online store. We were not very successful as retailers, but we learnt a lot about online retail – the challenges, costs & pain points. It is more challenging than physical retail & potentially more expensive if you choose the wrong tools. If you do not use data in all your decisions, you are going to hurt store profitability. Starting an online store is easy, making it profitable and grow together is hard. We know it.

“To become the worlds best Merchandising Engine for online retail” 

Today, we process over 100 million retail data points a month giving us insights across verticals. We do not want to be a product, but your extended partner that collaborates with you. We want to share insights about your data, to help you improve other aspects of your online business. While online retail is hard, it gives you structured data that can be collected, analyzed and made actionable in real time to help you compete, Whats amazing about online retail, is you have access to everything your visitors are doing in your store and by learning from this data, it will make you a more effective online retailer.

We will help you succeed and you will see your margins improve with Tagalys. We want to be your merchandising engine, so you do not have to invest millions of dollars building what we have. We want to be your intelligent store manager, that learns everyday and gets better at displaying the right products to the various visitor segments in your store. If your core competency is retail, we will make a great fit in your story. If your core competency is technology, we are not the right choice for your story. 

Our Story

In 2011, Antony resigned from his management consulting job at Deloitte in New York to embark on his entrepreneurial journey as an online retailer.  Due to his management consulting background, he sought technology services from Palani (PC), who had his own firm serving hundreds of customers across verticals. Starting an online retail business was easy, but scaling it to a profitable venture was something impossible without the right tools. It felt like having a physical store, but with your hands tied. Most e-commerce platforms are like brick & mortar stores, without store managers. While revenue increased, it was at the expense of higher operating & marketing costs and that eats away profitability. 

During this venture, both Antony & PC realized that the e-commerce platform helped catalog products. The platform had no clue what products to display to visitors, as that was not its job. Antony worked with PC & team, writing the code to start collecting analytics and building prediction models to determine what products to show visitors. The 3 objectives were

1. Increase click-through-rate (CTR) from impressions to product views 2. Give the store an opportunity to change products displayed 3. Improve e-Commerce conversion rate. This was the beginning of Tagalys and they did not know it then.

Fortunate or not, this venture hit the graveyard of startups, for Tagalys to be born. Palani joined Antony and they worked to build an intelligent engine that learns visitor interest to merchandise online stores effectively, like a smart store manager. Because a retail store without an intelligent manager, is a store leaving money on the table. 


Management Team

Antony kattukaran



Tony worked as a Strategy Consultant with Deloitte in NYC before starting his entrepreneurial journey. A total of 3 ventures in the e-commerce domain, with one profitable exit. He invests his time listening to customers to understand their requirements.





Palani started computer programming as a hobby and there has been no stopping him ever since. He has served as a consultant with ANMI, DROMA, IMG etc. His team is responsible for the end user experience served to our customers.

r ramraj



Mr. Ramaraj is a serial entrepreneur & angel investor. He was the CEO of Sify, the first Indian Internet Company to list on the NASDAQ. He is the first Indian to be invited to join the Board of Directors of ICANN where he served as an Independent Director for six years. 



Awards & Industry Recognition

Microsoft - Reliance Technology Accelerator

GenNext Hub is the startup scalerator by USD $51 Billion Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) & Microsoft, that is nurturing digital entrepreneurship in India. They want to help startups scale-up and evolve from a “Minimum Viable Product” to a Minimum Viable “Company” with a strong foundation for growth and success. 


Pitney Bowes Accelerator

Pitney Bowes is continuously investing in innovation, people and technology. This program is another step towards innovation by leveraging technology companions and partnerships with an exciting entrepreneurs and companies.
By offering technology, opportunities, connections and collaborative knowledge, the program aims to support participating companies build strong foundation to grow and scale.


TechinAsia (India)

Shortlisted from nearly 200 companies, Tagalys emerged the winner. They presented on stage to a multi-national panel of judges: Takeshi Ebihara of Rebright Partners, Japan; Yasuhiro Seo of IMJ Investment Partners, Indonesia; and Sid Talwar of Lightbox VC, India.


35 under 35 - Entrepreneur Award

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that amidst all the controversies between the different ideologies of faith, it is the religion of entrepreneurship that has engulfed and unified the country. Stable, highly-paid jobs at bluechip companies no longer seem as attractive. Young people today want to step out and start up on their own. They want to create value, make an impact and solve a pain point. 


TechinAsia (Singapore)

“Traditional retail outlets do not understand the online space, or the necessity to invest in a seamless web experience,” explains Kattukaran. “Tagalys can help bridge the gap.” Read more