How Red Candy, a UK based gift store increased its Site Search conversion by 38% with Tagalys

| Shane

About Red Candy

Launched in 2009, is a website dedicated to the modern, colorful home furnishings and fresh interior accessories. They stock in the latest designs from their existing brands, and also source products from new brands from across the world.

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Problem Statement

Red Candy was using a ‘relevance’ based search engine that was not showing products based on analytics. Having detailed attributes and tags, search results were not always accurate and products shown on top of the search results were not data-driven. Many queries resulted in ‘No results’ which led to a drop in CTR (Click-Through-Rate) & site search conversion.

Opportunities Identified

  • Trending Sort Order

The sort order of the site search results was not data-driven and was based purely on ‘Relevance’. The product catalog consistently had a mix of recently added (New Arrivals) as well as existing products. The Tagalys’s Trending score (T-Score) algorithm analyzed the product tags (Brand, Color, Features, Material, etc) and performance data.  Based on the trending score, the products that are most likely to engage visitors are displayed on top of Search Results.

  • Advanced Search Reporting & Synonyms

The Search queries at Red Candy were diverse and descriptive. This led to many queries without any results, even when they carried products that matched the query. This was identified from the “No results” report. The reports were analyzed to find out the keywords that can be converted into synonyms to match the words in the search index. Example (Bunny vs Rabbit, Biscuit vs Cookies), etc.

  • Partial Match Results & No Results Recommendations

Tagalys wanted to reduce the ‘No results’ searches and increase visitor engagement. The ‘No results’ queries were further analyzed and it was found out that some queries could have delivered partially relevant results if one or more of the query keywords were relaxed. Partial match search index and ‘No Results Recommendations’ were enabled on a smaller subset of search queries, to increase the CTR of the search experience.

Results Delivered

The objective was set to improve visitor engagement for search results by increasing the product views and thereby increasing the conversion.




Trending Sort Order‘Trending’ sort was made the default search results sort order.
  • No of unique visitors on search increased by 61%
  • CTR of unique search queries increased by 13%
  • Partial Match feature reduced ‘No Results’ by 11%
  • Search Conversion increased by 38 %
SynonymsSynonyms were added in Tagalys dashboard based on the ‘No Results’ data
Partial Match Results & No Results RecommendationsPartial matches of queries were verified for relevant results. The process was ensured to be completed in under 20 milliseconds to make the site search experience seamless.

“Apart from merchandising benefits, Tagalys dramatically improved the conversion rates of Search at my online store. I absolutely love working with this team.”

– Andrew M, Owner,