Site Search, Product Recommendations and Product Listing pages for Magento



Retailers constantly refresh their storefront, to attract and engage with visitors. This merchandising effort is performed by analyzing new & historic trends. 

Tagalys allows online retailers to focus on the art of "visual" merchandising, while we manage automation & data analytics to drive conversion.

Every retailer shows you product recommendations, before you walk into the store. These recommendations are geared to grab your attention and invite you to view more products inside the store. They are based on what is considered "Trending" at that store. 

Tagalys lets you automate & personalize home page recommendations by learning from your audience to drive conversion.

Once inside, visitors will start interacting with your sales person asking for what they might buy. An intelligent sales person, will show products based on what they understand is currently trending  at the store or based on the persona of the visitor (personalization).

Tagalys allows you to show results based on visitor persona, location or trending data at your store to drive conversion.

Visitors are unlikely to buy the first product they view. They expect options to choose from before they make their decision. An intelligent sales person will recommend products based on their understanding of the category & experience.

Tagalys makes recommendations based on the data of how visitors interact with your store, increasing their engagement & probability of conversion.

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