Increase conversion with segmented data analysis & automation

What segments are analyzed for Recommendations?

By Visitor

In real time, collect & analyze each visitors actions at your store, to identify insights on what they seek to buy at your store. Read more

By Location

Group & analyze data by location to identify trends that dynamically change based on the shopping patterns in that location

By Attribute

Analyze actions performed by visitors at your store to derive insights that determine how your audience define product similarity

Product Features

Recommended for you

Generate real time 1:1 personalized recommendations like Amazon home page recommendations, based on each visitors unique actions. 

Category Recommendations

Generate category recommendations  "Best Sellers" , "Top Grossing", "New Arrivals", "Top Viewed" based on location and action data.

Similar Product Recommendations

Generate product page recommendations  "Similar Products" or "You may also like"  based on actions from your visitors.

Load Balancing

Our architecture allows us to scale with demand while maintaining redundancy so we avoid a single point of failure.

Incredibly fast

Get incredibly fast and intelligent api responses to ensure visitor experience in never compromised and product views increase

Uptime Guarantee

With multi-server setups, clients always have access to more than one server, hence providing 99.9% uptime guarantee

Multi Currency

Tagalys updates prices if your store is configured to serve visitors with multiple currencies.

Multi Language

Our API's are configured to serve results across 22 different languages. Visit support section to learn ore.

Multi Store

If your e-commerce platform is configured to have multiple stores, each store can be synced with Tagalys in one installation setup.

Cost Saving

All requests are directly served from Tagalys servers, freeing up your server resources on the platform


Live Indexing

Any incremental update to your product catalog is always synced  and immediately indexed with Tagalys servers.


Detailed Reports

Track in real time how visitors engage with the listing page to optimize budgets and increase ROI


Installation in less than 60 minutes