Visual merchandising for Magento Commerce

Giving retailers complete control & insights on products to display in a listing page.



Get immediate access to product  performance at your store, to  make a calculated choice before merchandising 


Learn how each product performs in the campaign, to make decisions to improve performance, thus revenue.

Reduced Time to Launch

Create listing pages in seconds and instantly launch your marketing campaigns without tech support



Drag & drop products to promote or hide them using a visual merchandising panel designed for marketeers


Get access to real time product and campaign insights to support your decision making process

Instant Page

Identify any complex set of products that meet your requirements using a simple UI designed for marketeers

Customizable URLs for SEO

Instantly modify the page url for without any tech support to aid your SEO requirements

Optimized for Conversion

Tagalys sorts products by the highest probability of sale, that considers how visitors engaged at your store


Easily add variables like meta keywords, description etc., to attract organic traffic when indexed by search bots

Single & Multi Banner Support

Add single or multi banners that auto scroll on the product listing page to improve visitor engagement

Automatic Page Updates

All future product additions and removals on every active page require no manual effort ever

Multiple Sort

Choose from additional sort options like price, discount or date of introduction

1-click install. 60 minutes integration.


Platform Features


Configure the design of the product listing pages to meet the needs of your brand

Live Indexing

Incremental updates to your product catalog are automatically updated with the Tagalys servers


Detailed Reports

Track how visitors engage with each product listing page, to know how they perform. Improve your marketing ROI.


Load Balancing

Our architecture allows us to scale with demand while maintaining redundancy so we avoid a single point of failure

Incredibly fast

With API response times under 100 milli seconds, your visitors have fast page loads & low bounce rates increasing product views per visitor

Uptime Guarantee

With multi-server setups, retailers always have access to more than one server, hence providing 99.9% uptime guarantee

1-click install. 60 minutes integration.

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