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"Our conversion rate jumped over 60% across funnels powered by Tagalys. The easiest and fastest integration I have come across. Solid product & excellent customer service"
Candere - Online Jewelry
Rupesh Jain
"We started with Site Search, recorded fantastic improvement in our conversions rate. We then installed Product Recommendations to get the best out of their product."
Coast & Country - online home decor
Simon Hartman
"After we shifted to Tagalys our Magento Search & Product Recommendations conversion jumped over 90%. Very responsive team."
Place of origin - online food
Ashish Nichani
"Tagalys had made our task to merchandise product collections incredibly easy & data driven. The team clearly understands business needs of e-commerce."
velvetcase photo
Kapil Hetamsaria
"Tagalys improved our conversion by more than 30% after we installed all their features. Excellent customer service and always innovating"
Zaamor - Online Jewelry
Mariappan Muthiah
VP e-Commerce
"We saved countless hours creating Product Listing Pages using Tagalys. We also ranked much higher than competition on SEO for these pages."
Shankara build pro
Sunoop Balaraman
"It's been a great experience working with the Tagalys. We have subscribed to new features and excited with the range of potential ahead."
White teak furniture retail
Rashmi Bachani
Tech Lead
"We strongly recommend them to any retailer who is serious about their online business and wants the most from every channel including Site Search."
The loom - Fashion destination
Aman Goel

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