Replacing ‘Relevance’ based search, Place of Origin increased Search conversion by over 75%

| Shane

Place of Origin

‘Place of Origin’ is focussed to bring online all those special foods that consumers crave the most and that are difficult to find locally. They work hard to bring the finest sweets, snacks, dry fruits, namkeen, pickle, jams, tea, coffee and staples from all over India. Consumers can discover unique regional delicacies and order from the comfort of their homes. Place of Origin has grown to over 100 brands that offer a wide range of products. They source and deliver from over 20 states of India.

Place of Origin focusses on honest pricing, reliable delivery, and exemplary service experience. From Gujarat snacks to Darjeeling`s Green tea, Coorg’s coffee to Pachranga pickles, Mumbai Dry Fruits to Ooty chocolates, Kashmiri Saffron to Ratnagiri mango, they deliver India`s favorite foods direct from the original producer to consumer’s doorstep.

Problem Statement

Place of Origin was using Search product from Searchanise that excels in showcasing relevant search results.

The business felt the conversion rate from Site Search could be improved after bench-marking with the industry and comparing it with the non-search funnel at their own retail store.

Opportunities Identified

Search Results: With over 3000 SKUs, online visitors were not scrolling beyond 2 or 3 pages of search results, hence leading to opportunity cost or lost sales.

Search Speed: The speed of search results also was above 400ms, which in a mobile device led to high bounce.

Suggestions: Existing search suggestions were either category suggestions or generated from historical data. This did not necessarily predict the best auto-completed suggestion for the partial query, nor did it take the visitor one step closer to the final results, saving them a step in the search process.

Solution Integrated:

Site Search with a selected plan to analyze and deliver trending search results sitewide.

Results delivered

Search conversion: After 3 months of Tagalys integration, conversion rate from Site Search funnel increased by over 75%. It was also 4X higher than the conversion from the non-search funnel.

Searches per visitor: The average number of Searches per unique visitor went up to 3.4, with an average of 1.2 product views per unique visitor.

Add to Cart per unique visitor: The average percentage of visitors who added 1 or more products to their cart grew from 38% to over 53% over a span of 6 months, which also increased the overall conversion, outside the search funnel. This was because when consumers transact from an add to cart reminder or promo email. Tagalys may not record that transaction in these funnels depending on the visitor tracking status. But the retailer witnessed improvement in the site conversion, as a percentage of these products, were converted in the abandoned cart email.

Search Reports: The retailer extracted data from the search reports to identify searches with high volume, null or low availability, thus signifying a gap in their existing product sourcing and thus opportunity cost.