How Red Candy increased its search conversion using ‘Partial Match’ of search queries

| Shane

Red Candy Tech stack

The Problem

In order to deliver accurate Site Search results, Search engines used to match all words in the search query with the search index. This means, for a product to display in the search index, all the words of the search query should also be a part of the product. This led to approximately 13% of the search queries to end up with No Results. Any increase in the percentage of no results would reduce the CTR & site search conversion. 

Opportunities identified

The ‘No Results’ queries were analyzed and it was found out that many queries could have delivered relevant results if one or more of the query keywords were relaxed. E.g., Vistors were searching for ‘Pink cuckoo wall clocks’ was not available in the catalog. But the catalog contained other alternatives such as Green, Orange, Blue, and Turquoise cuckoo wall clocks. These products may also engage visitors.

Solution – Partial match

Tagalys wanted to close the ‘No Results’ gap without compromising on the quality of the search results. Tagalys analyzed partial matches of queries with no results, to verify if relevant results are available. This entire process was completed in under 20 milliseconds to ensure the site search experience was seamless.  

Partial Match Results in Red candy


The site search with Partial Match results reduced the percentage of no results by 10%. A data analysis between two different periods has proved that enabling partial match results has increased the search conversion percentage of Red Candy by another 8.2%

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