How a Jewelry Marketplace saved over 80 hours a month using Intelligent Product Listing Pages

| Shane

Velvetcase saved over 60 hours in creating Product Listing Pages is an online marketplace of curated fine jewelry from designers across the globe. They are a platform for jewelry lovers seeking modern, contemporary or classic designs with a personal touch. You can shop from their ready-to-wear designer collection or customize their designs to suit your personal style.

Seeking design excellence and integrity, variety, and style, they have assembled the best in jewelry designs from innovative designers around the world. They also like to meet customers in person in spite of being an online platform. You can visit their lounge, where their design experts will be happy to assist you to choose a design from our wide collection of fine jewelry or create your own design.

Their relationship- based customer care will ensure an experience of buying jewellery that is relevant and exclusive to you!

Problem Statement

The marketplace had over 40% of return visitors every month and the marketing team wanted to ensure the home page of the marketplace was refreshed weekly when visitors came back to their site. The second opportunity was to inorganically call back the visitors via an email campaign and introduce them to different views of their expanding catalo, with the objective to convert part of the traffic.

With an average requirement to create or edit 40 product listing pages a month on their customized eCommerce platform, the merchandising team spent over 120 hours on this task. Was there a more efficient and intelligent solution to cut down cycle time and improve the conversion of the product listing pages?

Opportunities Identified

To create or edit product listing pages, took on average over 2 hours a page, as merchandisers had to search, sift over 25000 SKUs use excel sheets, edit rows to pick & curate products to meet the marketing teams guidelines.

Post their task, if any changes had to be made by the marketing team, a different versions of excel sheets were used and a single unified visual approach was not available.

Some times external market trends or business needs required them to quickly promote products and speed of execution was not possible due to the offline nature of the task. Hence the team wanted a visual online tool to help merchandisers easily identify products, drag, drop or pin it to specific positions on the product listing pages.

Solutions Integrated:

Intelligent Product Listing Pages

Results delivered

The merchandisers saved on average approximately 2 hours per product listing page by using a combination of Conditions & Pin only pages. The increase in efficiency allowed the merchandising resources to use the saved time in other activities and also experiment more with no incremental cost to the business.

Communication between Merchandising & Marketing teams were seamless as completed tasks were emailed with the age URL, allowing Marketing to vet the final page before using it on the home page or email marketing campaigns

The ability to edit old pages was instantaneously allowing the team to quickly incorporate any feedback given by sales & marketing.