Predictive Site Search suggestions for Magento e-Commerce

| Elza Joseph

The starting point of any eCommerce Site Search experience, are search suggestions. There are a few shortcomings in the existing suggestions available at Magento. This makes an unwelcome experience for your visitors.

Predictive search suggestions

As most humans have experienced search with google, they invariably would be pleased with Google-like suggestions. In other words, suggestions that autocomplete themselves with the user-entered search query forming a subset of each suggestion.  Interested – Sign up now.

search suggestions in google

Popular searches

Before you allow your visitors to start the search experience, load up the most popular or trending searches that occurred in your e-commerce store. There is a high probability these popular searches will appeal to the vast majority of your visitors. These popular searches are effective since they have been generated with the help of an analytics engine, based on search data from your e-commerce store. Typing is friction and by allowing visitors to click on the popular searches, it saves them effort and provides the same end-user experience – discovering products that they seek.  Interested – Sign up now.

popular searches in eCommerce

Prioritized Search suggestions

Online visitors have high expectations as many of them might have also engaged with retail sites like Walmart, Amazon, Asos, etc.. Getting search suggestions wrong makes a retailer looks amateurish as visitors expect this as a bare minimum. A well-designed search suggestions product limits the suggestions between 5 and10 suggestions but this could vary by category. Here are a few examples

search suggestions in eCommerce

Ensure search suggestions have results

As simple as it sounds we have encountered many online stores that auto-generate suggestions but do not keep tabs on the potential results it will display or how inventory changes in time.  This is the first epic fail.

Ensure search suggestions have accurate results

Showing 5 to 10 search suggestions and leading visitors to a page where the search results have no connection with the suggestions that were clicked on, is 100% going to lead to bounce or a lost customer. We have encountered this issue at many brands that use the default suggestions on Magento, which generate suggestions but results are not accurate.  Interested – Sign up now.

Spell check

Visitors are humans and bound to make mistakes. Auto-correct what your visitors type into correct suggestions that ease the search experience and guide them into correct results. Interested – Sign up now.

spell check in eCommerce

Consider historical searches

In addition to generating search suggestions from the available attributes and tag data within the product database, leveraging historical search data, and also showcasing them in suggestions is likely to increase conversion rate. This is because historical search data is representative of what your visitors are asking from you. Considering them in the right suggestions is likely to convert visitors into customers.

Configurable or customizable

With all of the above working for you, having the ability to configure what suggestions to show and disable certain suggestions, gives the retailer a chance to control consumer experience and promote business interests alongside customer needs.

Support currencies and languages

When your online store supports multiple languages and currencies, make sure suggestions support the same. Showing a visitor from Hong Kong suggestions and pricing based in USD is bound to decrease visitor engagement. Tagalys ensures suggestions follow the same language and format enabled in your Magento store to support your global business.

multiple currency support in eCommerce

At Tagalys we serve all of the above needs to further enhance the visitor shopping experience at your Magento powered eCommerce store. We love Magento and proud to associated with one of the fastest and largest platforms for eCommerce. While Magento focuses on its core competency, it allows products like Tagalys to add to their ecosystem to continue enhancing visitor experiences at Magento powered eCommerce sites.

Tagalys maximizes conversion rate & gives merchants visual control of products displayed in e-commerce Site Search, Product Listing or Category pages, and Product Recommendations at their online store. To know more about our solutions and features, get in touch with us now.