Magento Category Pages: Must have UIUX elements to improve engagement

| Syrah

Earlier on, a majority of shopping was about the look + feel. Today, when eCommerce is the first preference for a large number of shoppers around the world, it is all about looks. Visual merchandising is often a deciding factor for a customer to purchase from an eCommerce store.

When we talk about visual merchandising, it is not just about how your products look. It is about how your entire eCommerce store looks and engages with the visitors. The visual impression that your eCommerce store creates on a visitor’s mind can be achieved through a good UI design. Intuitive UIUX elements should be a key part of your store’s overall merchandising checklist.


A UI design is not only about the layout and UI elements. It is also about features that make navigation and engagement with the online store easy. 88% of online shoppers will not return to an online store after having a bad user experience! And you don’t want that!

What is UIUX & what does it do?

UI (user interface) is an umbrella term that includes the images, store design, buttons, features, text, or anything that a potential customer can perceive visually or engage in an eCommerce store. The UI determines UX (user experience) for your eCommerce store. Did you know that people form about 75% of their opinion based on a store’s aesthetics? Intuitive UIUX is one of the answers to the frequently asked question — How to increase engagement and conversion?

UIUX helps to:

  • make or break your customer base
  • reduce the bounce rate
  • improve engagement and brand image
  • encourage product-clicks
  • improve conversions and ultimately revenue

Next, we’ll tell you how to improve your Magento Category Page UIUX.

Category pages and eCommerce product listing pages are used to display products available at the online store or in digital marketing campaigns. To ensure maximum engagement and conversion, retailers need to display the right UI elements for the page to perform well. What are the must-have UI elements for Product Listing and Category Pages?

Must-have UIUX elements for Magento Category Pages

1. Filters: Short & clear

Give options to your customers to refine the product listing so they can narrow their options down and find exactly what they are looking for. Have filters, then sub-filters. For example, under dresses, you can have filters for dress length, fabric, size, etc.

To achieve this with Magento, you can also create filters with custom attributes in the Storefront Properties feature, under the “Stores” menu.

2. Sort Options

The default product sort order in Magento category pages is crucial. Also, you need to have the basic sort options of price and date. Everything else is optional and should be tested with your audience to verify if it improves the click-through rate from the category page to the product page. Some other sort options used are rating, introduction date.

3. Limited number of thumbnails

Thumbnails allow your customers to browse through multiple products at once and are an indispensable UI element. But just having thumbnails is not enough. They should also have the product name and price mentioned below them.

Also, don’t clutter your product listing pages with too many thumbnails per row. Ensure that there are not more than four thumbnails in a row to allow the customer to view the products without them becoming too small.

4. Navigation: Structured & detailed like ‘Menus’

To promote product discovery and to showcase the diversity of products, you need to have comprehensive menus and sub-menus on your eCommerce store. These allow for easy navigation, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

You can add, edit, or customize the menus in Magento by accessing the “Store” menu and then heading to “Settings”, “Configuration” and finally, the “Catalog” tab. You can create up to 4 levels of menus in Magento for navigation.

5. Multiple CTAs

Once a customer lands on your store, a CTA literally calls them to action to do something on the website. Good examples of CTA’s are “Shop Now”, “Browse Now,” “Buy Now,” etc.

Other recommended UIUX elements on your Magento category pages:

  • Dedicated review and rating space on
  • Attractive banners clubbed with CTAs

Make great first impressions

These UI elements will help you make a good impression in your customer’s mind, retain customers, and play a role to increase the eCommerce conversion rate.

Tagalys’s category merchandising solutions complements the UI design and maximizes store engagement, which will ultimately lead to conversion. Tagalys follows all the above in the product listing pages powered by Tagalys. You can create simple automated new arrivals or sale pages in seconds and complex pages as seen on our demo site.

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