Intelligent Product Listing pages for Magento 1 & 2: Data driven dynamic product sorting to boost conversions

| Antony

Magento is one of the world-leading e-Commerce platforms that help retailers sell online. It is easy to use and has features to help set up complex product & store configurations. But it also has some disadvantages, one of which is the intuitive ability to create product listing pages.

Magento allows you to create categories and product listing pages, but assigning products is a manual time-consuming process. Tagalys’s Online Visual Merchandising extensions for Magento brings two benefits to retailers using Magento

  1. Create product listing pages in less than 2 minutes in a visual easy to use interface – Save time
  2. Utilize trending logic from Tagalys that works on visitor engagement analytics to dynamically determine the product sort order for each merchandising page – Increase revenue

Visual Merchandising by Tagalys

Tagalys allows teams to create product listing pages, with minimal assistance from your development or tech team. It was designed with creative/ non-tech users in mind, with a visual interface allowing you to easily create, curate & modify product listing pages.

Pin products: Paste SKU’s, drag & drop products, select multiple products and choose a position to pin them. There are so many visual ways you can create a product listing page to suit what is best for you.

Choose conditions: Filter your entire catalog instantly, to curate products that best need the needs of the listing page. Go ahead and again use the PIN products functionality on the filtered list to best suit your style of merchandising

Page heading: Help your visitors engage better, by giving a heading to the product listing page.

SEO benefits: Help with SEO by giving your pages titles, meta keywords, meta description in an easy to use interface

Catalog updates: Pages created by Tagalys, are updated between 24 hours to 10 minutes, depending on the plan you are in.

Tagalys maximizes conversion rate & gives merchants visual control of products displayed in Site Search, Category pages and Product Recommendations in eCommerce. To know more about our solutions and features, get in touch with us now.