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Data-Driven Category Sorting

Leverage the insights from your BigCommerce store data to continuously improve product sorting & conversion

Smart Categories

Create simple or complex collections in less than 60 seconds e.g., Maxi Dresses on Sale, Women’s Solitaire Rings under $999

Product Sequencing

Instantly sequence products in any pattern to showcase diversity in your BigCommerce Category

Product Boosting

Instantly promote or demote products across all BigCommerce Category based on business needs

Global Sort Options

Create custom product merchandising strategies and apply them across one or many listing pages and widgets instantly

Product Performance Metrics

Access each product’s historical performance details like views, add to carts & buys to assist in product curation.

Detailed Reporting

Get access to detailed reports like the Click & Conversion. Gain insights into demand data at your BigCommerce store to determine sourcing or merchandising decisions.

Empowering category managers with merchandising magic

Drag &

Curate category/collection sorting with intutive drag and drop panel.

Sort Fields

Sort products by analytics and catalog data like Revenue, Units Sold, Conversion, Published date.

Draft Products

Pre merchandise draft products in categories & collections even before they are launched.


Schedule product promotions/demotions based on your business strategy.

7/14/30 day
Performance Metrics

Access each product's historical performance details like views, add to carts & buys for different durations.


Get product segment in different buckets like High Potential, Low Potential, High Exposure, Low Exposure.

Drill Down

Get access to Drilled Down reports to understand how the products are performing at each collection.

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