Search by keyword relevance is passé.

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How does Tagalys analyze search data?


If each visitor has unique shopping preferences, generate unique search results for the "same" query based on signals shared by the visitor


If visitor behaviour changes by location, generate unique search results for the "same" query when visitors search from different locations


For individual search queries, all visitors view the same results dynamically sorted by what is trending across the entire store 

Product Features

Search Merchandising

As a retailer, you may have promotions or campaigns where you want to modify what products are displayed for certain search queries. 

Tagalys allows retailers to override the product sorting algorithms for specific queries, allowing you to promote products you want

Pinned and Popular Searches

Tagalys aggregates the most popular search terms, giving visitors an opportunity to engage with whats trending at your store.

Edit “Popular Searches” to promote business needs and promote brands, categories etc., based on internal campaigns using Pinned Searches

Predictive Text & Product Suggestions

Instantly auto-complete text & product suggestions analyzing the search query with historic data, product attributes, product content & availability, to help visitors drill down to a listing page.

Spell Check

Instantly autocorrect spelling mistakes to save your visitors the trouble when typing on the go.

auto correct

Multi Currency

Tagalys automatically updates prices displayed in text & product suggestions when your visitors change the currency selector or if your store is configured to IP specific currency tables. 

Load Balancing

Horizontal architecture allows us to scale with redundancy avoiding any single point of failure.

Incredibly fast

Get incredibly fast and intelligent api responses to ensure visitor experience is never compromised

Cost Saving

All requests are directly served from Tagalys servers, freeing up server resources on the ecommerce platform


Display the same search results when visitors type stemmed or unstemmed queries. Pant vs. pants, Hike vs. Hiking etc.,

Uptime Guarantee

With multi-server setups, clients always have access to more than one server, hence providing 99.9% uptime guarantee


Show your visitors the same products no matter what they call them. Cell phone vs. Mobile phone, Trouser vs. Pant.

Multi Language

Our API's are configured to serve results across 22 different languages. Visit support section to learn ore.

Live Indexing

Any incremental update to your product catalog is always synced  and immediately indexed with Tagalys servers.

Multi Store

If your e-commerce platform is configured to have multiple stores, each store can be synced with Tagalys in one installation setup.

Show products that increase conversion