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What is Visual Merchandising for eCommerce?

Why do you need eCommerce Visual Merchandising from Tagalys?

Easy & Simple

Designed & made for Merchandisers. Create, deploy and modify anything in listing pages without any IT support


Upload banners to improve the User Interface and improve visitor engagement

Search Engine Optimized

Add meta keywords, page descriptions and addtional parameters to attract organic traffic from search engines

url creator

Instantly create url’s for pages without tech support to aid your SEO and SEM strategies

Intelligent Sort

Enable analytics and choose intelligent sort options to improve product views, engagement and conversion

Bulk uploads

Paste SKU’s and instantly create listing pages with dynamic sort options and filters

Pin & Unpin

Using the mouse, promote and demote products that are best suited to engage your visitors

Drag & drop

Easily reorder products using drag and drop functions using the mouse

Load Balancing

Our architecture allows us to scale with demand while maintaining redundancy so we can avoid a single point of failure

Onboarding support

Get 8 hours of free personal onboarding support for any paid plan, to make the most of Tagalys

Live Indexing

With incremental update setup, we keep changes on your product catalog always indexed and available in real time

Incredibly Fast Results

With dynamic server creations in your region of operations, be assured your visitors will never see any latency at peak traffic durations

Uptime Guarantee

With multi-server setups, we always have more than 1 server, serving each client to serve as a backup and provide 99.9% uptime guarantee

Customer Support

Get FREE email consultation within 48 hours and schedule paid phone or video consultation after the onboarding support ends

UI Customization

Use our UI customization kits to modify labels, fonts & templates match your UI/UX

Catalog updates

Live catalog updates using Cron on paid plans, to ensure product listing accuracy (Price, Stock Status etc)

Mobile responsive

If you have ensured your site is mobile responsive, Tagalys Visual Merchandising pages will also be mobile responsive.

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