Enhance visitor experience by guiding them to prioritized landing pages to improve engagement and conversion rate

Why do you need Search Suggestions in eCommerce?

Why do you need Tagalys Search Suggestions?

Real time analytics based Popular Searches Text and Visual suggestions from Product name and Attributes
Spell check/Fuzzy Suggestions:
Automatically correct what visitors type to direct them to correct suggestions as they type
Support all languages, multiple stores and multiple currencies

Popular Searches

Auto Fill Popular Searches and allow your visitors to engage with what is trending at your store


Prioritized suggestions based on multiple conditions including availability

Search results

Ensure search results fall within the boundaries of applied suggestions

Multi language

Scalable across stores that support multiple languages


Supports multi-currency stores with no additional setup


Automatically updates suggestions based on active catalog availability

Uptime Guarantee

We always have more than 1 server, to manage any unpredictable fail overs and provide 99.9% uptime guarantee

Live Indexing

With every incremental update to your catalog, we update the same in 10 minutes followed immediately by our search indexes

Sync frequency

Be assures suggestions showcased will always be available and not lead to a "No results" page

Onboarding support

Get upto 8 hours of free personal onboarding support for any paid plan, to make the most of Tagalys

Load Balancing

Our server architecture adjusts with your traffic to support up to 10 parallel searches per second. That’s a peak load of 36,000 searches per hour

Customer Support

Get FREE email consultant and paid phone or video consultation any time after the onboarding support ends

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  • Maximum 2000 search suggestions per month
  • Text suggestions
  • Product suggestions
  • Mobile responsive
  • 10 minute catalog updates
  • Spell check
  • Multi language support
  • Multi currency support


    Free trial period of 30 days
    More than 2000 search suggestions   per month




    Free trial period of 30 days
    Real time Analytics based popular searches



* Free until March 2017