Intelligent e-Commerce Site Search

Predict trends. Improve Discovery. Delight visitors.


Show results based on each visitors shopping persona, to make them personally relevant and increase product engagement, conversion and revenue

Localized results

Visitors from Location X, may not have the same preferences as Location Y. Show results based on geographic data to localize relevancy

Incredibly Fast Results

With dynamic server creations in your region of operations, be assured your visitors will never see any latency at peak traffic durations

Uptime Guarantee

With multi-server setups, we always have more than 1 server, serving each client to serve as a backup and provide 99.9% uptime guarantee


Choose what attributes should be included in facets and suggestions to meet your visitor expectations and maximize engagement

Trending Results

Allow Tagalys to sort the accurate results by what your visitors engage the most with and not just any sort order

Customer Support

Get FREE email consultation within 48 hours and schedule paid phone or video consultation after the onboarding support ends

Results Modifier

Boost attributes, tags or sku’s in search results to promote your business needs and influence visitor experience

Synonym library

Show your visitors the right products no matter what they call them. Cell phone vs. Mobile phone, Trouser vs. Pant

Load Balancing

Our architecture allows us to scale with demand while maintaining redundancy so we can avoid a single point of failure

Live Indexing

With incremental update setup, we keep changes on your product catalog always indexed and available in real time

Search Suggestions

Guide your visitors with predictive suggestions sorted by business input and visitor engagement analytics

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Pinned Searches

Edit “Popular Searches” to promote business needs and push what matters most to your business

Popular Searches

Auto Fill Popular Searches and allow your visitors to engage with what is trending at your store

Advanced Spell Check

Visitors might make mistakes as they type. We correct them on the go and show the right products


Show relevant, personalized or localized search results across your multi-lingual Magento product catalog


Show relevant, personalized or localized search results across multi-currency Magento product catalog

Onboarding support

Get 8 hours of free personal onboarding support for any paid plan, to make the most of Tagalys

Configurable Suggestions

Choose what to restrict or include in suggestions based on your visitor demographics

Recent Searches

Delight your visitors by helping them save time in finding what they last searched for

Search Results with Filters

Visitors prefer to drill down quickly in a search results page to find what they seek

Frequency of visits

Witness a 50% improvement in frequency of return visits

Conversion rate

Improve conversion rates by over 100%

Revenue per Visitor

Drive a 40% improvement in revenue per visitor

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