Increase conversions by over 200% with Personalization of Search, Product Recommendations & Listing pages

What is Personalization?

Why do you need personalization?

The era of Personalization is upon us.


Data collection of visitor and segment shopping behavioral data, to enable building data models


Studies real time visitor engagement and identifies trends in data. Extracts actionable insights


With machine learning, showcase products that are personally relevant to each visitor across discovery channels

Conversion Rate

More clicks from listing page to product views, leading to improvement in eCommerce conversion rate by over 300%

Bounce Rate

Help your visitors find most relevant products on page one, thus reducing page bounce rate

Visitor Engagement

Let visitors know you listen to their needs and provide amazing visitor experiences


Personalized search results for queries within the store Read more


Personalized product recommendations based in visitor shopping persona

Product listing pages

Sorting products across product listing pages, to meet the visitors shopping preferences

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